WDPS captures bank robber

WINNSBORO – Five months after Winnsboro’s First Citizen’s Bank was robbed, the Winnsboro Department of Public Safety has arrested a Connecticut man for the robbery.


It was the result of diligent police work and cooperation with other law enforcement agencies around the country that led to the capture and arrest of Stuart Hart, 35, for the bank heist, WDPS Police Chief Seibles said.

“Hart’s identity was confirmed after WDPS officers collected DNA and finger prints from the crime scene after the robbery,” according to WDPS Investigator Michael Carroll.

“We ran it through the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to confirm the ID,” Carroll said, “then worked with the U. S. Marshall’s service to track Hart to New Haven, Connecticut where the Marshall’s service made the arrest on Tuesday, March 26.”

Captain John Durham and Carroll then traveled to New Haven on Saturday to transfer Hart back to the Fairfield County Detention Center where he is being held on charges of ‘Entering a financial institution with intent to deprive it of funds’ and ‘Strong arm robbery.’

Wearing a Batman hat and a Bob Marley t-shirt, Hart entered the bank shortly before 6 p.m., on Oct. 12, and handed a bank teller a note demanding money, according to a report on the incident.

The report stated that the teller said she had observed the suspect standing outside the bank for a while, talking on a cell phone.

Witnesses in the bank during the robbery reported that the suspect left the bank on foot and turned to the right. A video on the outside of the bank showed the suspect walking through the drive-thru area outside the bank.

Hart is being held without bond.


  1. Alexander Picciuolo says

    Nice work, CPT Durham and LT Carrell. Glad you got this guy off the streets.

  2. Debra McMurray says

    Good job to all officers for catching this guy and getting him off the streets and preventing him from robbing any other Banks and businesses. Thank you!!

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