Letter: Attack Challenges

Councilman Douglas Pauley was absent from the Fairfield County Council meeting on Monday, September 23rd.  After hurling many allegations regarding me in The Voice Newspaper dated September 20, 2019, the 2nd Comment Session on the Fairfield County Council Agenda was cancelled by Chairman Cornelius Robinson.  Therefore, I was not able to challenge his assertions. 

It was at the discretion of Fairfield County Manager and the Chairman of Fairfield Council to share “Teacher Village” information with Mr. Pauley, not me. He expressed, “They are not even considering the taxpayers of Fairfield County. It is very disturbing to me that they were still willing to pressure the county to go forward.”   As a citizen of Fairfield County, I can express my opinions. 

Secondly, if you read the email, it reveals Mr. Tommy Morgan’s suggestion to get the project indemnified. 

Transparency is lost on “Gotcha” moments in the Voice and with possibly an unelected person guiding Fairfield County Council decisions.  Hang up the animosity toward people and attack our challenges.  We not only need to recruit and retain teachers, we need affordable rental housing.

As a volunteer, I don’t volunteer for recognition.  I volunteer to help people.  Yet, I think I need to highlight my involvement with Fairfield County over the last 10-15 years, I have worked with others on public-private partnerships to secure funding for the following: $1.6 million dollar Fairfield County Disabilities and Special Needs Building; nearly $1 million dollar pedestrian bridge at Lake Wateree and $1.5 million worth of amenities during the Catawba Relicensing agreement with Duke Energy. 

An apology would be nice! 

Shirley M Greene

Lake Wateree

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