Letter: It’s Fanning’s Fault

What in the world caused the big delay in the education bill which became so all-consuming it also backed up other much needed legislation?

Cornavirus, Senator Fanning and Santee Cooper forced the bill to languish in the State House after a most unnecessary and inordinate delay tactic.

And who’s to blame for the delaying foolishness in the Senate?

“Senators blame most of the delay on Sen. Mike Fanning, a first term Democrat from Great Falls. Fanning proposed nearly 200 [mostly inane] amendments [to the legislation], although he removed a number of them.” -An Education Week article by Associated Press, published March 4, 2020.

Whose showboating allegations drove a dagger into the heart of Senate productivity?

“They’ve [teachers] been egged on by Sen. Mike Fanning, who has mischaracterized any votes against his amendments as an assault on teachers. Which is absurd, given Mr. Fanning’s unimpeded access to the podium. For seven weeks.” – Cindi Ross Scoppe, Feb. 29, 2020 issue of the Post and Courier.

Who wound up on the outside of the solution?

Who has established themselves as someone who will not work with their legislative colleagues?

Mike Fanning (D-Fairfield), who was one of only four out of 45 Senators who voted against moving the bill along and deserves the credit for grinding legislation for the teachers to a halt.

Public distancing is working with coronavirus and public distancing from Sen. Fanning’s name at the polls will work for us also.

Randy Bright


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