Letter: A Question of Leadership

An Open Letter to Blythewood Mayor Bryan Franklin, Town Council, Richland School Board 2, and Richland County Council: As a resident of Blythewood since 2001, I have witnessed many changes. If one is to lead one must learn to manage change. Scout Motors will bring major changes to Blythewood. Many positive and a few negative, but […]

Letter: Chamber Supports 1¢ Tax

Our great citizens of Fairfield County received another flyer in support of the sales tax increase into our homes. Both flyers failed to state the contents of the referendum itself, why? The referendum states IN THE EVENT SUCH SALES AND USE TAX IS INADEQUADE, SUCH BONDS SHALL BE PAYABLE FROM A SUFFICIENT AD VALOREM TAX […]

Letter: Thanks for Your Blood

A blood drive sponsored by Fairfield High Alumni exceeded is goal. Held at the former Fairfield High School on May 29, our goal was to collect 20 pints. We are happy to say that we collected 21 pints. Lloyd Pridgeon even made a Power Red donation – a donation of two units of red blood […]

Letter: It’s Time to Stand Tall

“Stand tall for South Carolina. Stand tall for our Palmetto State.” My grandmother (Nelle McMaster Sprott) wrote those words and the music to this song almost 70 years ago right here in Fairfield County. I grew up singing about and loving our state because of my grandmother’s deep devotion to this place we call home. […]

Letter: It’s Fanning’s Fault

What in the world caused the big delay in the education bill which became so all-consuming it also backed up other much needed legislation? Cornavirus, Senator Fanning and Santee Cooper forced the bill to languish in the State House after a most unnecessary and inordinate delay tactic. And who’s to blame for the delaying foolishness […]

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