Letter: Jackson Always Votes BW!

As we ponder who we want to give our vote to in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, I think it matters a great deal to know something of the person and character of those on the ballot. I think myself fortunate to have served the Town of Blythewood on the planning commission and as a councilman. I have met and worked with many community leaders, advocates and government agencies and feel I understand a little better who gets things done.

In this respect, I want to give recognition to Calvin “Chip” Jackson who has served on Richland County Council for nearly four years and is running for re-election to represent District 9. While the Town of Blythewood is not in District 9, part of Blythewood 29016 is and all of Blythewood has certainly benefited from Mr. Jackson’s dedication to our community and particularly the Penny Tax program.

Mr. Jackson has chaired the Transportation Ad Hoc Committee for the last two years and made it his business to attend the Transportation Advisory Committee meetings to learn first-hand what Richland County residents felt. As vice-chair for the TPAC spoke directly with Mr. Jackson about Blythewood’s road improvement needs and priorities. Thanks to his efforts for factual representation to Richland County Council and clear-headed fiscal management, the estimated cost for the Penny program that was 100 million dollars in deficit is now likely to have a $60 million dollar surplus as a result of re-scoping some of the more expensive projects.

Blythewood will see our $29 million dollar allocation invested in the widening of Blythewood Road from I-77 to Syrup Mill and also completion of the Creech connector and upgrades to McNulty which will greatly assist with traffic flow and ease congestion in the Town.

When our neighborhoods have faced controversial development, Mr. Jackson has attended our community meetings when sometimes our own representatives have not. Mr. Jackson’s vote on council consistently comes down on Blythewood’s side. He has never gone against us.

Mr. Jackson’s outlook is to serve all of our communities where he is able to and has achieved positive results for District 2 and District 7 as well as District 9.

Mr Calvin “Chip” Jackson needs to be re-elected to continue building on all the good he has done. Please vote for him if you can – he has your corner and Blythewood’s corner too.    

Malcom Gordge


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