R2 board: Shadd out, Elkins, Agostini, McFadden in

COLUMBIA – Richland Two School Board Chairman James Shadd, lost not only his board chairmanship Tuesday night, but his seat on the board as well. Newcomer Lashonda McFadden bested Shadd with 2,831 votes to his 2,404.

The two other incumbents, Monica Elkins with 3,454 votes and Lindsay Agostini with 3,148 votes retained their seats. Shadd finished fourth in the race for the three open seats.

A strong supporter of Richland 2 Superintendent Baron Davis, Shadd was admonished publicly last week and given an NI (Needs Improvement) score by the Black Parents’ Association (BPA) in their annual Richland School District Two Report Card review of the three school board incumbents running for office.

The BPA give Agostini high praise and an A+ for her service to the district, Elkins a B+ and asked what Shadd stood for.

“Mr. Shadd seems to exalt himself as a community leader and he’s actively involved in many community activities which led us to question if he was actually going to seek office again. Mr. Shadd’s ‘mission’ work seems to be more important to him than guiding and really leading a premier school district like Richland Two,” the BPA wrote. “It’s our opinion that Mr. Shadd should exert more of a voice that challenges the district rather than rubber stamp all its actions.”

The Association left it to the voters to decide if they felt Shadd deserved to be re-elected to the board.

In contrast, the BPA lauded Lindsay Agostini for, “boldly and rightfully questioning the policies of the administration,” saying that, “she undoubtedly deserves four more years” on the board.

Dee Williams received the fifth highest number of votes (1,889) followed by Maryann Wright (1,820) and James Mobley (1,716).

Rhonda Meisner of Blythewood, a frequent critic of the school’s administration and a first-time candidate received 1,300 votes; Deon Jacobs received 987 and Lawrence Terry, 640.

Monica Elkins                    3,454  (17%)

Lindsay Agostini               3,148  (16%)

Lashonda McFadden      2,831  (14%)

James Shadd                      2,404  (12%)

Dee Bell-Williams             1,889   (9%)

Maryann Wright               1,820   (9%)

James Mobley                  1,715   (8%)

Rhonda Meisner              1,300   (6%)

Deon Jacobs                         987   (5%)

Lawrence Terry                   640   (3%)

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