Richland 2 to vote on 22-23 budget July 12

COLUMBIA – Richland School District Two will hold second reading and board vote on the FY 2022-2023 general fund budget on Tuesday, July 12. Because the South Carolina General Assembly did not finalize the Appropriations Act for FY 22-23 until June 15, the district is currently operating under a continuing resolution until the budget is […]

Manning elected R2 board chair

COLUMBIA – The Richland School District Two Board of Trustees elected new officers Tuesday night, with the majority four voting as a block to seat three of their own. James Manning was elected chair; Amelia McKie, vice-chair and former chair Teresa Holmes, secretary. Board member Lindsay Agostini voted against McKie and abstained from voting for […]

Will Governor McMaster remove R2 board members?

COLUMBIA – With the recent passage of a state law enabling the governor of South Carolina to remove school board members for misconduct in office, some parents in Richland School District Two are asking if the law will be applied here and, if so, to what extent. According to the governor’s office, that question is […]

Critics call for removal of R2 board members and super

COLUMBIA – A cacophony of voices can be heard on the recording, the participants becoming more and more shrill as they compete for volume. Bystanders echo and boo. It sounds like it could be a hallway fight among a group of middle or high school students, but it isn’t. The participants are all grown adults […]

R2 board overspends thousands on travel

COLUMBIA – After Richland Two School District Superintendent Baron Davis refused, during a recent meeting, to share information about school board members’ travel spending, members of the public did what is their right under South Carolina’s freedom of information law: They asked for the information. According to records released by the school district in compliance […]

R2 board votes 4-3 to not be required to hear grievances

Gilchrist: The Board’s Vote Could Deny Due Process COLUMBIA – Discussion of a complaint policy took center stage at Tuesday’s meeting of the Richland Two School District Board of Trustees. The two opposing factions on the board appeared to talk past each other about the intent of a change in wording to a rule known […]

Trapp pushes back against Richland 2 statement

COLUMBIA – Following last week’s disruption at a Richland Two school board meeting that involved the superintendent and his wife, who some witnesses say cursed at a student, the district released a statement categorically disputing that the superintendent and his wife were in any way unruly toward a student, a parent, a candidate for the […]

Joe Trapp, Jr. announces candidacy for R2 board

BLYTHEWOOD – Blythewood’s Joe Trapp, Jr. has announced on Facebook that he is running for a seat as a member of the Richland 2 School Board in November 2022 elections. “I am genuinely interested in finding out what concerns parents have about their children’s educational experience as well and giving everyone a chance to find […]

Three R2 school board members walk out of chaotic meeting

COLUMBIA – A dramatic walkout by three Richland Two School Board members during Tuesday night’s regular school board meeting, ended the meeting after only 35 minutes. The walkout left only four board members to continue the meeting. Board policy specifies that it takes five members to constitute a quorum, Superintendent Dr. Baron Davis told the […]

R2 trustee threatens to sue constituent

COLUMBIA – A school board vice chair has threatened to sue a constituent over comments he made about her and another board member, according to a series of emails obtained by the Voice. In four separate e-mails dated Sept. 3, Oct. 25, Nov. 9 and Nov. 23, Richland Two Board of Trustees Vice Chairman Teresa […]