A/C thieves hit St. Mark

RIDGEWAY – The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation into multiple robberies and the vandalism of a church in Ridgeway that occurred earlier last week.

According to Fairfield County officials, authorities were first called to the St. Mark Baptist Church, located on Highway 34 between Ridgeway and Winnsboro, on June 9 when a member of the church noticed that two air conditioner units were missing from the church property, and that the catalytic converter had been removed from the church’s activity bus.

According to an incident report, church member Curtis Simpson reported to deputies that he noticed the missing items after investigating tire tracks that he had observed going through the church’s graveyard.

Simpson said he found two gravestones had been destroyed by the vehicle as it was driven through the property.

Following the robbery, one man, believed to have returned to retrieve the catalytic converter, was caught on the church’s security camera without a mask, and authorities are hoping that individual may be identified by the public.

Anyone with information on the suspect in the photo is asked to contact the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, 803-635-4141


  1. della rodriguez says

    These two guys have been looking for something to steal I don’t know their names but one of them was walking down the road I live which is Barbara Road it’s A little up the road from Church one of the men were walking from the direction of my house around 2:00 in the morning A week before this incident happened which I believe they were Checking out houses to rob when we turn back around to see where he had went to make sure he didn’t get on any other property he was gone and then a white car passed us I believe that was his getaway car. I did not see the man’s face very well but he was wearing similar clothes it was the man I was wearing the white shirt with the thing over his face.

  2. della rodriguez says

    I mean Barber Road. That’s where I live and that’s when I seen one of these men.

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