Fairfield to spend $300k on land for RW rec center

County to Build $2.5M Rec Center

WINNSBORO – The majority 4 voted to pass a resolution last week to option two parcels of land off Highway 21 in Ridgeway for the construction of a $2.5 million recreation center. While the county will build the recreation center with funds provided through a lawsuit settlement with Dominion last month, the two parcels – about 1.5 acres each – will cost the county $300,000.

 Voting against the option were Councilman Douglas Pauley, Clarence Gilbert and Neil Robinson.

Council chairman Moses Bell has pushed for the recreation center since being elected to council three years ago. His first choice location was the county land next to the Ridgeway recycle center on Highway 21, but was nixed by county officials as not being an acceptable location.

Bell is authorized to execute the agreement.


  1. michelle d. says

    WTH is wrong with these people Seriously, lets talk about mis spending county money. Shouldnt this settlement help and benefit all members. I am sorry we dont need another rec!! What we need is roads paved properly, its a disgrace. maybe citizens of the community eho have to travel doen 321 sue county for doing a crappy patch up job i mean where is all our money going,. Then you want to take doen monuments that are part of history and put others up in place. Or taki g a beautiful mural of angel wings off a building. i mean really why????? I am so sick of people being “politically correct for fear of offending someone. well guess what I’m offened and I matter. Im a part of this commumity and I have a say.. I believe in God, prayer faith and all races. People need to stand up for their beliefs just lime everyone else I can guarantee there are more Christians out there who feel the same way.

    • Angela Harrison says

      I agree it’s too much to pay for land; however, Ridgeway does need a rec center, and we’re promised one when the other areas got one. We were shafted as we have been with everything else. Ridgeway has always been an afterthought.
      The comment over the wings coming down is a totally separate issue and is a Ridgeway, not county, thing. The wings wouldn’t be there to be an issue if we didn’t have a mayor who ignored the proper procedures and ignores FOIA meeting rules.

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