It’s a 4-way stop

Town Councilman Sloan Griffin & Town Administrator Carroll Williamson

BLYTHEWOOD – Residents had the opportunity to get an up close look at some of the proposals for changes to roads in downtown Blythewood that were on display at The Manor.

As part of the Richland County Transportation Penny Tax program, the town is in line to have Creech Road extended from Blythewood Road down to Main Street (Highway 21/Wilson Boulevard) as well as the construction of a four-way stop at the intersection of McNulty Street and Boney Road.

Before plans are drawn up for the two projects, Richland County officials wanted to hear from the residents of Blythewood regarding their preferences for the extension and the roundabout.

Of the four Blythewood projects that will be completed with Penny Tax funds, the first will be to widen and improve the Creech Road Extension down to Main Street. Second priority is to widen and improve McNulty Street from Main Street to Blythewood Road. The third priority is to widen and improve Blythewood Road from I-77 to Main Street. And the fourth priority is to widen and improve Blythewood Road from Syrup Mill Road to Fulmer Road.


  1. Paul Beverly says

    Once upon a time the intersection of Blythewood, RD, Wilson Blvd and Langford were deemed the biggest issue in regards to traffic in Blythewood. This is never mentioned any more and it is getting worse. Creech Rd extension may help a little but not significantly with this problem.

  2. Thomas B. Wilds says

    Exactly right. The intersections of Langford, US 21, and Blythewood Road is already a disaster during school transit hours, whenever there is a major event at DOKO Manor, and just about every time there is a train. Extending Creech road will have minimal effect on the traffic flow at this three road intersection. Blythewood is quickly becoming a full time traffic jam, and will make Malfunction Junction seem like a smooth running operation.

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