Bell, Roseborough face constituents at separate meetings on July 17

FAIRFIELD COUNTY – County Council members Moses Bell (District 1) and Tim Roseborough (District 4) will each meet with their constituents in separate meetings on Saturday, July 17, and under separate conditions.

Bell’s Meeting

Bell posted an announcement on his Facebook page that the meeting for District 1 will be held at the Ridgeway Fire Department, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. The fire station is located at 350 South Palmer Street, Ridgeway, 29130.

Roseborough’s Meeting

Several members of District 4 told The Voice that they have asked Roseborough to come to the church to answer questions they have about issues in the county.

The meeting, which is also being held on July 17 at 10 a.m., was called by Pastor Jerome Boyd of the St. Luke Church. The church’s address is 183 Saint Luke Church Road in Winnsboro.

Roseborough’s constituents say they want Roseborough his stand on issues in the county and specifically in District 4.

Some of those questions, the constituents say, are about how the $99 million Dominion settlement is going to be spent.

“If there are questions from my district about issues in Fairfield County government, I will answer the questions if I know them,” Roseborough told The Voice, “and if I don’t, I’ll pass them on for answers from the chairman or give them to the administrator for answers.”

“CDC guidelines will be observed at the meeting,” one of the saint Luke Church  organizers, Kirk Chappell, said. “Masks must be worn and temperatures will be taken at the door.”


  1. Jeff Schaffer says

    ” Roseborough said. “I didn’t call the meeting.”
    It gets to the point when people have to say ” What are you doing? ”
    He is the elected official, yet he is not making our voice heard.
    I hope he is not just a puppet for Ginyard and his ilk. Since he is connected to the water company.
    I will be a the meeting, Let’s see what he has to say.

  2. Robert L Carrison says

    Fairfield County Council is behaving like a criminal enterprise. Take a look at this next meeting agenda! This weeks agenda has several topics listed for legal advice regarding discussions on issues germane to the Public. YOU DO NOT USE EXECUTIVE SESSIONS TO GET ADVICE ABOUT DISCUSSIONS!! These are open session discussions, What do you suppose “THE FOUR” are hiding? If I were one of the remaining three I would object to going in to executive session and would remain in council chambers.
    I mean no disrespect to the Council Chairman, but he seems far more intent on fattening his sacred cow than on good governance. This feels like Bell reparations not prudent governance.

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