Letter: Please Protect Greenbrier

The Greenbrier community has been suffering for many years because Fairfield County refuses to enforce public health laws. I have attached my last two correspondences with my County representative only because it summarizes the issue and not to criticize the representative. The truth is I have attempted to get this issue addressed by many different officials within the Fairfield County government for several years. Out of desperation I am now bringing it to The Voice’s attention in the hopes that the topic is worthy of acknowledgement.

If you would like further information, or copies of the many correspondences to County government over the years, please let me know.

Mark Hughes


To: Tim Roseborough

From: Mark Hughes

Date: March 20, 2021

I want to raise awareness of, and call for a halt to, the profuse recreational gunfire occurring in close proximity to homes in Greenbrier. Greenbrier is a marginalized community that is zoned rural residential and has household incomes below the national average. The lower property values in the area attract undesirable activities and industries that are prohibited from locating in more affluent areas. The consequences of living with these undesirable elements is chronic health problems that are well documented to be epidemic among residents in this type of community. Unfortunately, this issue suffers from a lack of exposure because residents have low expectations for meaningful change after many years of being ignored, under-served, and under-represented.  

Repeated exposure to loud noise, like that produced by gunfire, is a long recognized public health threat. Countless studies have shown that loud noises are directly responsible for delayed cognitive development in children, increased occurrences of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, brain/neurological inflammation, diabetes, and psychological disorders.

“This letter is abbreviated, but includes two links to sources of official information.:



To: Tim Roseborough

From: Mark Hughes

Date: Sept. 25, 2021

Today, once again, my health and sanity are suffering from the constant barrage of gunfire near my home in the Greenbrier community.

You made a promise during the community meeting at Saint Luke’s Church to take action on this issue; however,  I have not heard from you or anyone in the Fairfield County government. Will the Sheriff’s office enforce the law or will Fairfield continue to ignore ordinances that impact marginalized communities?


  1. Jeff Schaffer says

    Typical… He won’t respond, he has not responded to my letters either. No response is a response!
    He is not who he claims to be but rather just a puppet for the leader of the pack…Mr. Trapp.
    People of District 4 have to unite and get him out, and someone in who can be trusted to work with and for the community.

    Jeff Schaffer
    Lake Monticello.

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