Blythewood election results

BLYTHEWOOD – Current Town Councilman Sloan J. Griffin, III and Planning Commission Chair Rich McKenrick handily won the two open seats on Blythewood Town Council Tuesday night.

Passed over for an endorsement by the Blythewood Chamber of Commerce and openly campaigned against on Facebook by former mayor Mike Ross, Griffin, with 364 votes (42.72%), was the top vote-getter Tuesday night of the three candidates. Rich McKenrick, who was the chamber’s pick, garnered 301 votes (35.33%).

Roxann Henagan, a political newcomer, received 141 votes (16.55%).

Sitting Councilman Larry Griffin, whose name was on the ballot even though he withdrew from the race shortly after filing for a third term, received 36 votes 4.23%). There were 10 (1.17%) write-in votes.

Just 519 of the 3,267 eligible electors voted Tuesday, for an almost 15 percent turnout. Griffin swept three of the town’s four precincts – Blythewood 1, 2 and 3. McKenrick took the only two votes that were cast in the Ridgeway 14 precinct.

The chamber board of directors voted to endorse only one of three candidates for the two open seats on council prior to the candidate forum and without interviewing the candidates. Ross, who is chairman of the Blythewood chamber, went after Griffin on Facebook the day before the election, urging town residents to think twice before voting for Sloan Griffin III.

In its endorsement of McKenrick, the chamber board of directors noted that McKenrick has “repeatedly demonstrated his support of our local Chamber of Commerce.” The chamber depends on the town council to fund many of their public events.

 “I just want to thank all the voters who came out today, who believed in me, who trusted and voted for me,” Griffin said. “Now, I’m looking forward to serving the citizens of Blythewood for four more years,” he said following the win.

Griffin recently worked with Blythewood’s State House Representative Kambrell Garvin to bring $250,000 of the House’s earmarked money to Blythewood to be used to upgrade park infrastructure and security in Doko Meadows. He said he’s looking to continue to improve and maintain the park.

“It’ a wonderful asset for the town and for our families, and I want to be sure we continue to upgrade and maintain it.

“And we seriously want to work toward better traffic control in the town. That’s a priority on my list,” Griffin said.

McKenrick, who organized a recent survey of 29016 residents and chairs the town’s planning commission, says he wants to continue moving Blythewood in the right direction. That direction, he says, has to do with paying attention to the comprehensive plan that is currently being written for the town.

“I also think this council needs to rise above petty differences and concentrate on what’s best for everyone. It’s time to listen to new ideas and maybe change the way things have always been done,” McKenrick said. “I would particularly like to see the town get itself out of this mess of lawsuits and move on to a better place. That’s important.”

The election was held at Blythewood Recreation Park on Boney Road.

Winners Sloan Griffin and Rich McKenrick congratulate each other. | Barbara Ball

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