Letter to R2 Board

Is there some good reason that you continue to disregard parliamentary procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order?

At the November 16th board meeting Trustee Agostini “moved” to add a Human Resources Update to the draft agenda for the December 14th meeting.

The only words that Teresa should have spoken were, “Is there a second?” The only words!

Instead, she tossed out an alternative and then batted the ball to the superintendent, who launched into unnecessary remarks.

Will someone please explain to Teresa that “I move…” is synonymous with “I make a motion…”? There should have been NO discussion (none by her and none by the superintendent or anyone else) until there was a second. Had there been a second, only then would discussion commence. At the end of the discussion, Mrs. Agostini’s Secondary Motion should have been voted on. After that, the main motion to approve the draft agenda (as amended, if appropriate) would have been voted on.

Mr. Manning knows that. He has explained secondary motions on previous occasions. The superintendent has explained secondary motions to Teresa on previous occasions. But both remained silent Tuesday night.

Further, when Trustee Scott departed at about 7:00PM, the chair should have informed other board members and the public that a trustee, who had been attending telephonically, had left the meeting and that a quorum continued to be present.

I urge the board to hire Attorney McFadden to return for additional Robert’s Rules of Order training and to hire an independent parliamentarian until you can conduct meetings in accordance with good parliamentary procedures.

Gus Philpott



  1. Terrence Cummings says

    For the record, RONR also suggests that one could even dispense with it. This obsession with the Richland School District Two because of its majority makeup is African American and the “cabal” that obviously purports to suggest that only Lindsay Agostini is superior is contrary to the decisions carried out in the last several meetings were generally all votes were unanimous, including Agostini. It is the failure of this paper to report the news accurately about this Board. Rather, it allows this “gang” that is in minority to continue to raise a miasma of inanity that doesn’t recognize the many successes of the District. They are the “Agostini gang,” allegedly, that appears at all recent meetings with public comments that are asinine only about RONR. Freedom of the press too has some accountability and responsibility. Where is the critical assessment of these so-called interested citizens? The Voice has become irresponsible in unbalanced coverage of this Board. It has relegated itself to sensationalizing picayune issues and ostensible minutia. That is not journalism. On October 29, 2021, I messaged Agostini on NextDoor and asked her encourage esprit de corps. She has not. My message to her suggested that she send a statement to her supporters. This is what I asked her to say: “I am grateful for the enthusiastic and exceptional support I have received since seated as a member of the Richland School District Two Board. I will continue my promise for accountability, advocacy, and accessibility. In this regard, “accountability” also includes “the spirit and quality of our ‘advocacy.’ I appreciate and encourage differing opinions and views, but our discourse must be civil respectful. It should never rise to harmful activities, not in words and not in deeds. Only this will lead to “accessibility” for all and the best for our children and families. Thank you again for your support.” I’ve also spoken with her via phone and shared emails with her. Has anyone seen that kind of leadership from Agostini I ask? Most people see what this coterie is doing. It won’t be successful.

  2. Terrence Cumming says


  3. Terrence Cummings says

    Why does The Voice continue to allow Gus Philpott to use its paper to voice his repeated agenda to disparage the Chair of the Richland District Two School Board?

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