Bethel Alums Still True to Their School

Friends since their school days, the self-styled Dynamic Five, from left: Randal Rozier, James Crosby, Rody Egister, James Benson and Joseph Bright are writing checks to the Blythewood Historical Society and filling out membership applications on the hood of a pickup truck in the B-HE parking lot prior to the Historical Society’s Black History celebration. Thrilled to learn that the Historical Society had organized the event, the five immediately offered their support to the ongoing efforts of the Society. | Photos: Barbara Ball

BLYTHEWOOD – Day one of this year’s two-day celebration of Black History Month in Blythewood was a walk down memory lane.

Held in the gym of Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School, the event drew approximately 100 people, most of whom had attended school at Bethel-Hanberry. Yearbook videos and other exhibits around the room were a window into a world they loved recalling with hugs and laughter – the classrooms, teachers, students, school bus drivers and their beloved teacher and principal – Annie E. Hanberry.

It was two hours of visiting, eating lunch and talking about the good times they had at the school as elementary school students and as teens, remembering the way they were.

Next week: photos of the second day of the Black History Month celebration.

Earlene Wilson Manning, ’66; Henry Manning, ’64; Pauline Wilson Meese, ’65; Simon Portee, ’63; George Wilson, ’63; & Mary Wilson, ’63.


  1. Laura Tomlinson says

    I am a volunteer photo researcher for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. I am looking for a 1963 yearbook or a picture of James Belton who was KIA in Vietnam. If anyone can help me, please reach out to me at 602 550 8803.

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