Letter: New Crickentree Bylaws are Unfair

How chilling to know that our Crickentree HOA Board wants the responsible owners to give up their voting power to the Irresponsible owners – those who are up to 90 days behind in their dues. Why would anyone want their neighborhood decisions to be controlled by delinquent homeowners?  I understand this is part of a kinder gentler philosophy, but just think of who it is Unkind to: the responsible people, those in good standing! No neighborhood should do this!

I am one of the few who have been interacting with the committee developing the proposed Bylaw changes. It was made very clear to me by a committee member that the Board’s plan was to use the unawareness of the masses, and their complacency to railroad this huge bylaw change past the unsuspecting owners. 

Why?  So the current Board can retain their positions, and keep their war chest of excess cash ($207,000) at their disposal.

Don’t be fooled.

Don’t give up your proxy for their offer of a doughnut. Don’t be a lemming marched to the sea.  Pay close attention to proposed bylaw section 3.2.  Either go to the March 22 special meeting and vote ‘NO’  – or give your proxy to someone you trust has your interest at heart.

When we defeat this senseless provision, it puts those bylaws back into committee where proper refinements can be made. We deserve better than this. Let’s get the bylaws right first before settling for some flawed rules.

Marvin DuBois

Crickentree resident of 23 years

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