Mungo stakes out Blythewood countryside

Mark Johnston puts out signs to alert neighbors to the development. | Barbara Ball

BLYTHEWOOD – When longtime Blythewood resident Mark Johnston noticed surveyors in his wooded neighborhood near the intersection of Swygert and Mt. Valley Roads about a month ago, he said his heart sank.

 “We’ve lived out here in the country for more than 20 years,” he said, “and those surveyor stakes don’t look good to me.”

While the land has been surveyed and staked, Mungo has not yet purchased it.

Bill Dixon, vice president of land development for Mungo, confirmed that Mungo has a contract on the property and is looking at developing 262 acres along Mt. Valley Road on each side of Swygert Road.

“We’re still in the due diligence phase so we’re not certain just how many homes will be built, but 400 is probably a ballpark number,” Dixon said. “There’ll be a lot of green space. We’ll know more in another month or so,” Dixon said, “but right now we’re studying and learning everything we need to know about the property.”

 Johnston said he understands that the plan is to break ground in six to eight months.

“So, sometime in the fall I guess,” he said.

Dixon said that’s probably about right based on how long it takes to do the study.

“The homes will be served by Columbia water and either Columbia or Palmetto sewer,” he said.

 “This is a rural area out here,” Johnston said. “It’s a beautiful area and we don’t want to see a big housing development go up out here in the countryside. I don’t think anyone out here is going to want this.”

If the development becomes a reality, rezoning of the property will take about three months or maybe longer. Any rezoning will first go before the Richland County Planning Commission for a recommendation to Richland County Council. It will then go before Council for three readings. The public will be allowed to speak to any request for rezoning at the Planning Commission meeting and again at the public hearing that will be held during one of the three County Council meetings.

 On Saturday, Johnston and his wife Pam were seen putting out signs at the intersection of Swygert and Mt. Valley roads. Down the road a ways, pink ribbons tied to survey stakes were blowing in the wind. Johnston’s signs displayed the acreage of the proposed development, the number of homes that could be built as well as Dixon’s name and phone number for residents to call if they are concerned or have questions.

Johnston said that while he still doesn’t know a lot of the details of Mungo’s planned development, he said he is trying to alert his neighbors so they can have their say before it’s too late.


  1. Reagan Payseur says

    There’s not a lot of room for green space when you’re building 400 homes on 260 acres.

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