Uncovering Corruption in South Carolina

COLUMBIA – Post and Courier editor Autumn Phillips introduces the Post and Courier Uncovered teamm Avery Wilks, Glenn Smith, Stephen Hobbs, Tony Bartelme, and Voice publisher Barbara Ball during Monday’s panel discussion on working to expose corruption in South Carolina’s news deserts. 

A recording of the event can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/c/postandcourier.


  1. It’s funny how everyone on this board is white. So who’s speaking for the undeserved? Corruption in SC is getting just as bad as Suffolk County and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please investigate Bond Judge Kenney. He is one of many In position of power who abuses it.
    I wonder where are all the funds going when people are put on probation and having to wear a monitor. The State of South Carolina is not broke. We have funds that were for people who work and pay most of the taxes in this state. We have been victimized by our governor, mayor and local government officials. South Carolina has sold their soul to the devil.

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