Letter: Crickentree Board Pushes Back

The Board of Directors for Crickentree Homeowners’ Association, Inc. is writing to clarify some misrepresentations and misstatements made by a former Board member in his recent letters to The Voice. While this will be our first and final response on this platform, it is important that the community know that those letters inaccurately depict the actual actions taken by the Association and its contracted management company.

First, one letter alleged that the Board “railroaded” a change to the Crickentree Bylaws. This is false. The Association amended its Bylaws in accordance with its governing documents by a vote of the homeowners. In fact, while only 71 approvals were required, the amendment passed with 94 approvals and only 19 disapprovals. Moreover, the letter inexplicably alleged that the amendment allowed for delinquent homeowners to vote on the affairs of the Association. To the contrary, the amendment actually imposed tighter restrictions against voting by delinquent homeowners. Such misrepresentations made in the aforementioned letters betray a desire to attack the Association without regard for the truth or context.

A subsequent letter from the ex-Board member alleged that funds for a $27,000 landscape project were “plundered” and that the project was handled “poorly.” This is patently false, and the letter failed to clarify that this was a beautification project, and therefore not encompassed within the $20,000 budgeted for maintenance. Accordingly, given the importance of the project for the aesthetics and property values, the Board made the decision to proceed with the project using carryover funds from prior years’ surpluses, as the Board was within its rights to do. A community vote was not required for this decision, which was soundly within the discretion of the Board. Numerous residents have since told Board members how grateful they are for the beautification work.

The latest letter made allegations regarding late payments to Fairfield Electric. Upon our information, this Board has never received a letter from Fairfield indicating the community was in jeopardy of having its power turned off. In fact, our president has asked Fairfield to contact him personally if there are any issues with payments. As of this date, they have not contacted him.

In closing, this is a great time to live in Crickentree. It is unfortunate that an ex-Board member has published derogatory misrepresentations for the Blythewood community to see, as they paint an inaccurate picture of Crickentree, its Association, and its management company. We reiterate that we are not going to repeatedly engage in public with such frivolous allegations, but wanted to assure the community that the insults lodged by an ex-Board member are not indicative of the actual facts and circumstances here at Crickentree.

Carroll Lucas

President of the Board of Directors

Crickentree Homeowners’ Association, Inc.


  1. P E Whiddon says

    What are Richland 2 plans to handle the traffic flow. The current allowance of parents to park vehicles on Richland County thorough fares waiting to drop off or pick up children needs to be Addressed. This is a liability, to daily block traffic and intersections for the 30 minutes or one hour….is a liability. Traffic flow needs to flow.
    Create two lines of traffic on campus to get vehicles out of the roadway. Use secondary lanes at the bus drop offs, create a solution instead of blocking traffic.
    Richland 2 needs to be held accountable for traffic flow, just as if it were a business.

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