Letter: The Still-Forgotten 58

Over the past several months I have voiced my opinion on the poor decisions made by the Fairfield County Council members. I would like to explain where my disappointment started and why it evolved into total distrust.

I had the honor of working for the Fairfield County Recreation Department with a terrific group of county workers and Detention center Trustees for over 3 1/2 years. I accepted the position of Maintenance Supervisor after the supervisor at the time left abruptly. We maintained 19 locations, including Lake Monticello, 3 recreation centers, the new Fitness Center and even Fortune Springs Pool. This was all done during the pandemic. At that time, we were considered essential personnel. I and 57 other ex-employees were never recognized by the County Council because we left during 2021. New employees who did not work during the pandemic were given checks. Then Mr. Bell paid Volunteer Poll watchers $200 each out of our county funds. This was done without a county council majority vote. Is that legal? Do we not pay a County Attorney to oversee questionable decisions? The Forgotten 58 were all cheated out of ARP Funds due to council’s ignorance. This is the lack of responsibility to the community I am talking about.

Now, let’s talk about recent poor decisions. I have seen many citizens express their concern to The Fairfield County Council over upgrading services, better equipment, and the overall safety for the good people of Fairfield County. It always falls on deaf ears and then we spend millions on their political constituents’ wishes.

One of the recent speakers asked about transparency in the county budget. We are spending taxpayers’ dollars without specific purposes. One great example is the project of moving from the old Administration building to the new location. The council (get this) allotted one million dollars for the move and miscellaneous items. Is that for furniture, paintings, massage chairs, espresso machines? What does that cover and who is policing this spending?

When the public “hired” our County Council (yes voting them into office, they became our employees) they most likely made promises to special interests’ groups to help them get elected. This should be the beginning of their responsibility to the community, not the end.

I may not have a crystal ball, but let me tell you what I think will happen from the decisions made by the members of the apocalypse.

If there is a major accident and there is a poor response due to location or equipment, don’t blame the front-line First Responder, Hold the County Council accountable.

If there is possible criminal activity in your area and the police are spread too thin, don’t blame the responding Officers, Hold the County Council accountable.

If there is a fire in a home out in a remote area, and the results are devastating, don’t blame the responding Fire Personnel, Hold the County Council accountable.

Maybe we should turn the “New Multi-Million-Dollar Recreation Center” in Ridgeway into a combination First Responder/Fire Station/Police Station. And in the future, it can also be used as a homeless shelter for those who can’t afford to pay their county taxes.

Wake up Fairfield County, They need to be fired!

Joe Novaro

Winnsboro (One of the Forgotten 58) we are still waiting for our checks!


  1. Jeff Schaffer says

    Bravo and well said.

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