Letter: Democracy or Dictatorship?

When I watch the recent meetings of the Fairfield County Council, I have come to a catastrophic conclusion. The five members of the Apocalypse do not care about the county, only themselves. I have been watching the pattern of their behavior for months and, sadly, it has gotten worse.

Citizens come to the meetings to voice their concerns. They plead for the council to do the right thing.  Afterwards, they are acknowledged, but council votes for what the puppet master wants.

Do they not understand that there is no guarantee of growth in this county just because we build a multimillion dollar recreation center?

The Council worries about parks that need repair, but not for needed services for the community.

In the last meeting, Councilman Douglas Pauley, who truly has my respect, brought up expenses of the county council members. We the taxpayers pay out over $100,000 to the council members plus their expenses to make poor decisions and waste taxpayer money on themselves.

Ms. Greene complained that she has to travel from Lake Wateree for council meetings. Really? She asked for that when she ran for a seat on council. She also traveled to council almost every week before she was elected. How was she able to afford it then?

She was elected to watch over Fairfield County, not to take advantage of it.

And Mr. Whitaker… after you wrote checks out of county funds to poll watchers (that was directed by Bell and his four votes), you probably should be watched for other unethical expenditures. If you feel uncomfortable, maybe this is not a good fit for you.

The last thing I want to mention is that I am actively seeking information about the cost of running the existing rec centers and fitness building.

Unfortunately the information from the County’s Freedom of Information office is slow going. It takes a lot of patience to wait for my answer, but I will get it.


  1. Jeff Schaffer says

    I hope your friends and foes, are reading and hearing your words. There are facts and then there is the slant or the spin they want to put on the facts. The reality is we have Mr. Bell clueless and then we have Mr. Trapp the mastermind, followed by the turn coat Mrs. Green who a lot of people are totally disappointed in. Nothing proactive, productive, or positive will ever come from this council of 5. The best outcome will be in Nov. when we vote them off… and hopefully, vote in productive people.

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