Letter: Things Aren’t Going Well

I continue to be a staunch critic of many members of the Fairfield County Council. It seems, instead of righting the wrongs they have done, they continue to disregard the advice and concerns of the public they serve.

A few members try to fight for the right decisions, only to be cut off by the leader and other members.

I have been waiting for months to see if the Forgotten 58 employees who were cheated out of their ARP funds will be brought up again.

I have also been waiting to see priorities shift from multi-million dollar recreation centers to enhanced services for the community.

After watching many meetings on the internet, I hope that the chair and administrator don’t dislocate their shoulders as they pat themselves on their backs.

They brag about all the good they have done, but many residents and county employees are unhappy with the way things are going.

I hope the chair and administrator will stop bashing the last group of council members. They even complained in their newsletter to the public.

It is so easy to blame people who are not present to defend themselves. This is immature and very childish on the part of the chair and administrator when your group is making mistakes constantly.

 I hope the districts see the wasteful spending and complete incompetence some of these votes have shown.

Joe Novaro



  1. jeff schaffer says

    I am happy to hear you voice your opinion publicly, so many are afraid of that.

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