Letter: We Support Weaver

We are proud to support the only conservative candidate for Superintendent of Education

Republic Ellen Weaver in the only conservative candidate in the upcoming Republican runoff for State Superintendent of Education.

Ellen is a lifetime conservative Republican, is the only real Republican running. Her opponent Kathy Maness has a strong Democrat history.

Under Kathy Maness’ watch, our, schools were closed, our children masked, and our children’s education plummeted. Her legacy as the head of the largest teacher’s union is South Carolina has failed parents, students, and teachers alike. It’s time for a fresh voice in the Department of Education.

It’s time for our children to learn our real history, not how to hate their own country. And it’s time to give parents the freedom to choose the education that works best for their children, not the one-size fits all policies of the education establishment.

The education establishment is fighting hard against Ellen, and now they’re lying about her qualifications, alleging that she will not have the required degree to become Superintendent.

Ellen Weaver will have her Master’s degree and she will be ready to hit the ground running when she becomes our next Superintendent.

Ellen’s plan is simple: to give parents and students flexibility in their educational path,  to provide a high-quality education for every child, and  to ensure excellent educational access for all children, regardless of their zip code.

Ellen supports all schools: public, private, and homeschools, and wants parents to make their own choice on the best path for their own child.

Ellen Weaver supports a parent’s right to direct their child’s own education in the classroom and protecting children against political indoctrination that is seeping into the school system. We must put a stop to this overreach and reestablish the parent, not the education establishment, as the primary decision-maker for our children.

Ellen supports empowering teachers by allowing them to control their own classrooms. She supports higher pay for teachers, especially recognizing those teachers who go above and beyond in the classroom to deliver great results for their students. And she wants to treat teachers like the professionals they are by providing opportunities for additional professional development.

Ellen knows that we must both recruit and retain teachers by providing a safe and professional environment in which they can teach their students.

Not only is Ellen Weaver the best choice, she’s also been endorsed by leaders across our state including Congressman Ralph Norman, Congressman William Timmons, Congressman Jeff Duncan, former Senator Jim Demint, and two former South Carolina Superintendents of Education.

Her opponent, on the other hand, has received donations and endorsements from Democrats and the education establishment. Only Ellen Weaver is ready to change South Carolina’s failing school system and give our children the education they need to succeed in the future.

Fairfield County Republican Party


  1. Elizabeth Anne says

    Ellen Weaver did not start working on her masters degree until the very end of April of this year. I’m not sure what type of masters degree you can earn in less than a year but I have a feeling it’s one that’s purchased. How can anybody believe that the best candidate for the job is the unqualified candidate…

    Oh and by the way, Ellen Weaver voted in the Democratic primaries for Leon Lott just a few years ago… Kathy Maness on the other hand, most certainly did not.

  2. Randy Bright says

    Give Maness credit for earning enough leftist crede to receive the honor of introducing far left Kamala Harris as a featured speaker at an important leftist function. Give Maness credit too for receiving praise from Harris and being honored with Harris reiterating Maness’ remarks.

    Remarks by Vice President Harris at National League of Cities Conference | The White House

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