The Arden is accepting applications

BLYTHEWOOD – The new Arden apartments next to the IGA are open and taking applications. The apartments are exclusively for residents 55 years of age and up.

Applications are available outside the entrance to the apartments or can be requested by emailing [email protected] or calling 803-291-0387.

The Arden is located at 121 Creech Road, Blythewood 29016.


  1. Joni G. Wright says

    Good evening, my name is Joni
    G. Wright. I’m very much interested in your community.
    My mother was a resident of Blythewood, until she passed March 2019. I’m currently living in Newberry, SC.
    I’m alone here with no family. I’m 30 miles away from my family. I feel isolated and alone. I don’t know this place at all. All my doctors and family members are in Columbia. My Daughter and Grands, Son, Brother and Wife, this is all have as my immediate family. I hope there’s a possibility for me to join your community. Due to the apartments I was in, they were condemn. They failed DEHEC violations. They were not livable. I tried everywhere to find an apartment I could afford. Prices were extremely high, out of my budget. This is how I ended up in Newberry. My daughters ex-husband family lives in Newberry. I don’t know the rental prices of your community. I pray and hope its affordable. This will bring me closer to home. At least.

  2. Joni G. Wright says

    I apologize for not giving you my age. I’m single black female, 60 years old. If the opportunity opens for me to move here. My health will be better.
    Right now it’s depressing and lonely, cause I’m alone. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere.
    This is a Republican county, with no Democrates. I can’t
    Even use my right to vote, there’s none. That’s not right.

    Thank You,
    Joni G. Wright

  3. Joni G. Wright says

    Ms. Barbara Ball could you please mail me an application to me, along with all the information I need to know. My address is, 521 Monroe Street, Newberry, SC, 29108. Im currently on SSC Disability, paying $429.00 a month. I don’t have any other income.
    Thank You
    Joni G. Wright

  4. Jamie says

    So u have to be 55 and up to love here!? Really!?

  5. Rosemarie Riley says

    What is income limit for 1 person

  6. Shelley McCall says

    I was told to mail my application January 2023 —by the name on the application.
    I could have mailed it earlier had I known the truth. Would appreciate any information you may have concerning the vacancy.
    Thank You

  7. Kesha Geiger says

    Hi I’m only 46 years I’m looking for my first apartment next year I see you have to be only 55 yrs and older is that that true

Contact us: (803) 767-5711 | P.O. Box 675, Blythewood, SC 29016 | [email protected]