Ridgeway Town Council purchases tree, police car

RIDGEWAY – Resident Randy Bright, speaking during public comments, encouraged Ridgeway to move forward on a water and sewer solution, citing the fact that it has been a year since the $47,000 Dominion settlement was approved for the new sewer plant and that it isn’t moving forward.  Bright also made the point that inflation is diminishing the value of the planned spending.    

Council passed a motion to take Cooper Nursery’s bid of $250 to replace the dead tree in the downtown garden area with a 30-gallon Nachez Crepe Myrtle. Cooper’s bid, however, was actually $470, not $250, and included $200 for delivery and installation.

The other two bids were $815.35 from BB Barns and $140.40 from Reese’s Plants. The $815.35 price included $329 for a 30-gal. Nachez Crepe Myrtle, $60 per hour for labor, $11.99 for compost and another compost price of $35.97, $17.99 for root stimulator, $210 for six 3-gal. Holly plants and $90 for labor, plus tax.  Reese’s bid included a 15-gal. Crepe Myrtle for $130 plus tax.

Council also voted to pay $16,000 for a 2013 used police car with a significant amount of installed equipment and a mileage of 56,000 miles for the Town’s newly created Ridgeway Police Department.

While council discussed that they would take the $16,000 from the general fund to pay for the vehicle, the motion was made to use the $7,000 car fund to pay for the vehicle. After the meeting, The Voice called the error to the mayor’s attention and he said he would just move the $16,000 from the general fund to the car fund to make the payment.

Approval was also given to purchase of an enclosed outdoor message board at a bid cost of $599.99 from Wayfair. Installation on the wall outside next to the front door will be done by Town maintenance.  The other two bids were $800 from Uline and $951 from Frog Furnishings.

Council unanimously approved amending zoning ordinance 506 Design Overlay Districts to read: “The Board of Architectural Review shall have purview over all proposed new developments, and over all alterations and/or additions (excluding normal maintenance and repair of an internal nature) to existing developments which have a visual  impact from the corridor, located on land which lies within the rights-of-way and within all zoning districts herein defined as the “Design Overlay Districts,” currently within town limits.”

A public hearing and second reading will be necessary for the change to take effect.

A resolution passed unanimously to appoint Ridgeway’s Utility Director, Robert Arndt, and the Town Council’s Mayor Pro Tem, Donald Prioleau, to serve in an ex-officio capacity on the Commission of the Fairfield Joint Water and Sewer System.  

Unanimous approval was also given to appoint Doug Porter as Ridgeway’s Zoning Administrator.

Spaces are already being rented by the Town for vendors in the Cotton Yard for the Big Grab event on September 9-10, 2022. 

Councilman Dan Martin, who frequently does not attend town council meetings, was not present. 


  1. Darrell says

    I didn’t realize Ridgeway received a 47k settlement from Dominion? Is this a typo or mistake?

  2. Randy Bright says

    Certainly, the reference was to the $47MM the county was awarded not Ridgeway (the story does not say Ridgeway received it). Correct, the $47k is an obvious typo. Of course, it’s good to see the town moving towards joining the water authority which will help the whole sewer project proceed. Another point is that aforementioned $45MM award is now worth about $40MM thanks to the combination of inflation and county councils’ dithering this past year.

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