Guest Editorial: Have We Lost Our Minds?

Do we really prefer pumping raw untreated sewage 21 miles to the Broad River versus releasing clean treated water into cedar creek or some other tributary nearby? It all eventually flows into the Broad River.


Cedar Creek already takes treated water from Ridgeway’s sewage system. More clean water will make no difference to a creek that already contributes to Columbia’s drinking water.

But our wise leaders intend to create a 21-mile long sewage septic tank.

Have we lost our minds?

“The line won’t function as a pipeline because of low flow over such a long distance. Instead, it will function as a 21-mile sewage storage tank,” an area wastewater engineer said. “Operating a sewer storage tank is different than a flowing line. Effluent in that length of line will have to be flushed constantly by the pump stations to prevent it from becoming so septic that it could eat holes in the line.” –The Voice

Any reasonable person knows that the chances of malfunction, spillage, and environmental disaster are greater with a 21-mile long raw septic system. A raw sewage line going through our neighborhoods is a greater danger than a close-by centralized plant which expels clean treated water into a local creek.

If the County is afraid of lawsuits from residents along cedar creek it should be more afraid of lawsuits closer to home in the 21-mile disaster zone. Those people are in exponentially greater danger of a horrendous spill than the folks along Cedar Creek. Our environment is too precious to create this new VC Summer-like mess.

I’ll be the first plaintiff if the county goes this horrible path to the Broad.


  1. Darrell Barnes says

    You would rather build a small sewer plant on Cedar Creek that will be out of capacity
    due to DEHEC only approving 4mgd and then have to build a second one on the Broad
    as soon as the first one goes on line? Pls. do your homework on the numbers and the affordability of a second plant that will HAVE to go on the Briad. There are no other choices. You should know it cost less to build one than two no matter what you are building. Do the numbers and come back.You are asking for limited growth or a huge tax bill in five years, which one is it?

  2. dallas polk says

    Great Editorial by Robert Hartman, Very accurate. All of the people, such as Darrell Barnes from the Self-Centered Creek area, mostly Richland County, are doing everything that can to stop Fairfield County from being able to grow. Barnes in particular is spreading all kinds of lies.

  3. Darrell Barnes says

    Nice fake name there polk. Don’t hide like a child behind your fake name. Pls. state a lie in my above or below statement, Growth is what will be severely limited if the sewer plant is placed on the small creek that has the limited capacity that DEHEC determined. The limit for Cedar Creek will be used up in 5-10 yrs and then the county will have to build a plant on the Broad River that can be expanded as needed. You are betting on the county barely growing? Plan for the future.

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