Whitaker releases employee survey responses

WINNSBORO – A Fairfield County survey found county workers feel like county administration and council members treat them like second-class citizens.

Many were content with the nature of their job and living in Fairfield, but also blamed the current council majority for low employee morale.

Low pay and disdain for county leadership were common themes in the report.

One employee praised their boss, but lashed out at Fairfield County Council, accusing them of cronyism and taxpayer waste.

“I believe that my [redacted] has the County and its people in his best interest,” the employee wrote. “He is being hamstrung by County Counsel [sic] and is dead-set on making sure he DOES NOT succeed.”

Another employee said the current council majority’s prioritizing rec center construction over boosting employee pay “leaves a pretty sour taste in employees’ mouths.

“The fact that some council members see more fit to build unnecessary rec centers and not bat an eye that employees are living paycheck to paycheck is asinine,” the employee wrote.

Delayed for months, the survey was finally released this week following a story in The Voice and pressure from Councilman Clarence Gilbert, who initially requested the survey.

A table listing responses classifies employees with complaints as “detractors.” Respondents complimentary of the county are called “promoters,” while a handful are described as “passive.”

At least 43 comments from so-called “detractors” cited low pay and/or lack of pay raises as a major grievance.

During the budget process this past spring, council members said the county couldn’t afford pay raises. Council members eventually voted to increase pay and give bonuses days before the November general election.

Read more about this story in the November 23 edition of The Voice.


  1. Marvin miller says

    Is there any doubt this was held until after the election. I guess they learned these tactics from the national media. Lie and hide the bad news. Thank god we’re rid of the toad and the leech.

  2. Mike Bell says

    This needs to be part of Whitaker appraisal because he was part of this mess. The professional employee!! A big Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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