J.R. Green withdraws request for parent arrest

WINNSBORO – After attending a meeting at Fairfield Magnet School on Nov. 17, a mom of students who attend the school was reportedly charged with threatening Fairfield School District Superintendent, Dr. J. R. Green.

The School Resource Officer reported that he was carrying out his duties at the Magnet School when he was advised of a possible hostile situation involving a person who was on the school grounds for a meeting.

The SRO reported that while he went to the front lobby of the school with the school’s principal, the victim, identified as Dr. J. R. Green, was in the parking lot getting into his car. The SRO reported that Green then came back toward the building at a rapid pace.

“I met Dr. Green outside as a dark colored vehicle was exiting from the parking lot,” the SRO wrote in his report.

The SRO reported that the victim (Green) stated that the offender (a mom of students at the school) had threatened to “beat his ass” before she drove off.

The SRO stated in the report that Green wanted to press charges for the threat as well as place the mom on trespass notice from all properties of the Fairfield County School District.

“A written statement as well as a victim’s form were filled out and signed by the victim (Green),” the report states.

The Voice obtained the incident report on Nov. 21. Green dropped the charges the next day, according to a supplemental incident report filed on Nov. 22.

The report stated that Green called a Sheriff’s deputy and said he (Green) wished to withdraw the request to prosecute the offender in this case.

The deputy reported that he notified Judge Feaster and that he (the deputy) planned to return the arrest warrants to Feaster’s office.

The Voice was unable to reach either Green or the mom for comment.


  1. Mike Bell says

    Lord help us all!!

    A mom got upset and he filed a report. This what happens when you disagree with the Great Dr. Green.


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