Letter: Grateful they were my parents

I was proud and filled with emotion to read the article you wrote about my father, Taft Henry, who was one of the last few actual Buffalo Soldiers in the nation.

What a wonderful way to begin Black History Month by recognizing a military unit of such distinction. These men fought in a segregated Army to protect South Korea. Imagine, fighting for a country, yet never reaping the benefits of risking your life for the freedom of the citizens of that country. That is a bitter pill to swallow. These “Unsung Heroes” gave of themselves – and some their lives- for another country to have freedom. This is an important part, not only of Black History, but history in general which is virtually non-existent in history books. To hear the truth about the 24th Infantry Buffalo Soldiers (also known as the Deuce Four), history must be written from the mouths of those who served as a Buffalo Soldier in the 24th Infantry.

I also appreciate how you were able to weave my mother, Evelyn Ulmer Henry, into this article. My parents believed in “paying it forward,” by serving in the church and in the community. For over 68 years, as husband and wife, they were a remarkable team, and I will forever be grateful that they were my parents.

Janette Henry-Davenport



  1. Mike Bell says

    Beautiful! They were good people.

    Mike Bell

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