Letter: Burning Questions For Fairfield County

What were all the obstacles preventing Fairfield from being awarded the Scout Motors contract?

Why haven’t we had any real economic development these past two years?

What are we going to do to fix the aforementioned problems?

When will we change the governance mentality that commits millions of dollars to monuments when we are short four lifesaving fire engines? We have not purchased any fire engines since 2018.

We all understand that it takes a little time to form a new government, but I have confidence our new council will thoroughly answer those questions (and more) and will soon be moving the county forward.

Randy Bright



  1. Kristi Gunter says

    Betty Gutslag and Polly Parker, two women who loved this county and invested a lot of money in reviving the town, remodeled the News and Herald Tavern Restaurant and employed many people who would not have been employed in other jobs due to their challenging situations. They tried their best to improve not only the county but the town. Polly had a saying and I found it was very true. ” When a buzzard leaves Newberry, Chester or surroundings counties, to come towards Fairfield, he packs a lunch so he won’t starve. And why has this remained. We are on the I-77 corridor, we have a great airport for businesses to access, railroad access, and yet nothing. Just look at our work force and the individuals that won’t work in our county. The owner of the bakery in Winnsboro, said he could not keep workers, especially local ones, because the locals only wanted to work long enough to draw unemployment, and these jobs are not technical and require outside training. Fairfield County needs to address it’s work force issues. Another example is the free training for welders at the nuclear plant? Our schools have a lot to do with this. I hope our council will understand this and address. The vocational school along with Midlands Tech. hopefully can address this.

  2. Mike Bell says

    Randy Bright

    This Council has no leadership and the administration has less leadership. Fairfield County is pitiful.

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