Rezoning for rail yard request set for April 3

BLYTHEWOOD – Some Ashley Oaks residents say they were alarmed last week when the Town of Blythewood posted a yellow notice near their properties announcing that the owner of a 290.3-acre parcel bordering their back yards is requesting to have the property rezoned from D-1 (Development) zoning to Li-2 (Light Industry-2) zoning.

The proposed use of the land is ‘auto manufacturing rail yard.’ The property is located next to the Scout Motors property.

According to the notice, the request, if passed by council, would rezone property located at the dead end of Locklier Road right of way (Tax Map No. R12500-03-01).

A public hearing before the Town’s planning commission is scheduled for April 3, 2023, at 6 p.m., at the Manor. The planning commission will then make a recommendation to town council to either approve or disapprove the rezoning. Town Council will then take the matter up and hold two votes and a public hearing on the issue.

The Town ordinance for the physical separation of residential and light industrial zoning calls for a 50-foot minimum width buffer or 20-foot minimum buffer with a wall/fence/berm.

According to Jeff Ruble, Director of Richland County Economic Development, the buffer for this particular parcel would be at least 300 feet wide where it borders Ashley Oaks.

“That’s a football-field wide,” Ruble said, “with trees left intact within the buffer.”

The property is owned by Saddle Brook Properties LLC c/o Clifford Theisen.


  1. Penny Tolson says

    I live on Loner Road where all citizens have wells as their water source. We are very concerned about water contamination due to Scout Motors manufacturing. Any plans to bring city/county water to
    Loner Rd ? This is my third attempt to get someone to respond to this concern. Has an environmental study been conducted to assure Blythewood citizens that we will not suffer water,air, or noise pollution due to the coming of Scout Motors? I would appreciate someone giving me a response to these concerns.

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