Letter: Cedar Creek is the Right Choice

I addressed council last week about the importance of constructing a wastewater treatment plant as soon as possible. We could have had the Scout Electric Plant if we had one when they came looking.

The county now appears to be backing the engineer’s idea of having a low level treatment plant that will discharge into the Broad River in Jenkinsville. This was the previous council’s plan and we should move on to a better, less expensive plan.

The low level plant at Jenkinsville would be cheaper but would triple the price by having to install miles and miles of pipeline and would take 5 to 6 years compared to 2-1/2 years to build an MBR plant to discharge into Cedar Creek.

Besides the fact that the pipeline would cost $300 to $350 a linear foot, there are many costly problems associated with a low level plant discharging into the Broad.

It took about 4 years for Winnsboro to obtain right-of-way to the Broad several years ago to get water. There is no reason for us to think it will be quicker now.

Jimmy Ray Douglas



  1. KD Reynolds says

    Mr Douglas, Your opinion seems to be in direct opposition to what’s in the engineers report. Why would you knowingly mislead readers?

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