Letter: Let’s Move on the WWTP

Saving Fairfield is as disappointed as any group or individual in the fact that two years after The Settlement we still do not have a final plan to address our lack of waste water treatment capacity, which is a major impediment to our county’s comprehensive vitality and future health.

In the meantime, we will continue to ask questions and make comments on known aspects during the process.

Additionally, Saving Fairfield has made our position clear on the troubling secrecy surrounding the latest WWTP report. Closed door meetings serve to betray public trust which creates yet another obstacle to overcome.

The clock is ticking as the county has lost million of $$$ in the purchasing power of the settlement due to inflation. It’s past time to move forward with a clear vision, full transparency, prudence, and common sense. SOON!

The citizens deserve it.

Randy Bright, Ridgeway


  1. jeff schaffer says

    Is spot on as usual and unfortunately, Many of you reading this are not being vocal enough for our community leaders to recognize what they are doing to us.

    I will only add that when you hire amateurs to do a professional job. Their results are always unsatisfactory
    Jeff Schaffer
    Lake Mont’icello

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