Letter: On To the Broad

I was disappointed to read where FJWSS has chosen to delay the design and construction of the WWTP again.

American Engineering is one of the finest consulting engineers in the state. They are a local firm where many of their competitors are international firms with offices in Columbia. Why would you hire a consulting engineer (based on qualifications) and then refuse to listen to his counsel? What does American Engineering have to gain by steering analysis one way or the other?

It’s the same old story for Fairfield County: money spent and real action, which would benefit the county, delayed again.

Please allow me to make some predictions.

The committee will find someone that will tell them what they want to hear (figures don’t lie but liars figure). It will take at least 6 weeks, not 4. Then they will have to fire American Engineering and pay them for the work they’ve already done. Why would you go forward with an engineer you don’t trust?

Next comes the selection process to hire a new engineer who will start all over. As you can see, there will be more delays and more money spent with nothing to show for it.

The Scout plant will generate many suppliers who will be looking for sites near the Scout plant. Once again Fairfield County will not be ready. Having spent tons of money to grade a “Mega Site” off I-77 is a waste, especially if a WWTP is built with a limited capacity. The existing industrial park off Cook Road is a ghost town.

The leadership in this county seems determined to mirror the waste and inefficiency that goes on in Washington, D.C. County Council and The Town Council of Winnsboro need to exercise some oversight and watch closely as this committee selects an “unbiased” third party to review American Engineering’s analysis. Time is of the essence.

Tim Cullum


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