Letter: A Brighter Future

Much has been said about the proposed penny sales tax. As Chairman of the Fairfield Water and Sewer Authority I feel obligated to weigh in on this important issue. For the past thirty years I have witnessed industry leaving Fairfield County. This has resulted in little population and or job growth, which in turn requires […]

Letter: Harrison is Not Moderate

The DNC is trying to package Jamie Harrison as a nice guy/moderate. While he seems like a nice guy, South Carolinians deserve to know the whole truth. Jaime Harrison is not a moderate. He is a member of the liberal Democratic Party that is working to destroy American values across the nation. You may not […]

Guest Editorial: Don’t let Cedar Creek/Center Creek folks shut Fairfield down

Some citizens who live along Cedar Creek and in the Center Creek neighborhood are using fear-mongering and misinformation to try to trick Fairfield voters into defeating the three county council incumbents who have helped bring in 5 new industries, 800 jobs, almost $100 million investment in the county and the lowest unemployment rate in 20 […]

Letter: A “NO” Holds County Back

I ran for this District 7 council seat two years ago to work toward making Fairfield County a more productive place for our citizens – good paying jobs, nice affordable homes and good places to eat and shop. We have come a long way with 700 new jobs, $70+ million investment in our county and […]

Letter: Re-elect Bertha Goins

When we go to vote in District 4, let’s vote with our minds, not with our neighbors in our ear. In Fairfield, we have elected some of the worst choices possible in past administrations including a registered sex offender. The end result of electing the wrong person is simple. We the citizens get absolutely no […]

Letter: Where’s Our Rep?

After researching the penny sales tax wastewater treatment upgrade and speaking to members of the Fairfield County Council and community, I have a couple of questions about our current State House Rep.  1.) How does our District 41 State House Rep. not know what’s going on in the county she supposedly lives in? 2.) Why […]

Letter: Green Seeks Council Seat

I think it is important to get to know those who are running for office.  I, Shirley Greene would like to announce my candidacy for the Fairfield County Council District 2 seat in the November election.   I was born and raised in Fairfield County and was fortunate to develop and value ethics and skills that […]

Letters: So, what was the tweet?

It is imperative that Richland 2 release the social-media posting of the freshman at Blythewood High School who was the subject (target) of a two-page apology by the District and the letter from the principal. How can the public have a conversation about racism, when it knows how the District will react? Students, teachers and […]

Guest Editorial: Journalists Need Our Support

In a year of fighting a global pandemic, historic protests for racial equality, and the rapidly approaching presidential and local election, America needs journalists to bring them critical reporting. The events of this year have led to significant increases in traffic to news publisher websites, as Americans look to local journalists to inform them about […]

Letter: Vote For America

I know that many people keep their political views to themselves and just go and vote, but, due to my experience, I think I have the duty to share my opinion. I risked my life and escaped from a socialist dictatorial regime because of political reasons. I had to wait two years for the US […]