Guest Editorial: Councilman Brock pushes back against Frye’s accusations

Last week, the Country Chronicle published a letter to the editor submitted by Blythewood Chamber of Commerce Director Phil Frye regarding the July 25 and August 22, 2022 town council meetings entitled: “Councilman Donald Brock resign from your seat on council.” In his letter, Mr. Frye made numerous accusations against me pertaining to the meetings […]

Guest Editorial: Civility Can Make the Difference

As South Carolina works to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, anyone who has observed political discussion online, or even during many official government meetings knows that society is facing another harmful outbreak — incivility in government — personal attacks, infighting, and even threats of violence in the worst cases. Our nation and our state have […]

Letter: Lunch Dump Is Embarassing

Regarding the public concern over R2 staff throwing lunches in the trash after student’s lunch charges reach $10. I suggest getting several reports of the total debts owed for meals. Those reports should have been available at the special called board meeting last Tuesday night. Get one report listing debts by amount owed (by each […]

Government business should be open to the public for inspection

South Carolinians share a common value that public meetings and the work of government should be done in public so it is open and transparent to everyone. This is enshrouded in law as the S.C. Freedom of Information Act. Simply put, the law ensures the public’s business is done in public. There are a few […]

Guest Editorial: Democracy can’t be fully realized without government transparency

If governmental transparency is not achieved, our democracy will also never be fully realized. Rejoice, though, the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (SCFOIA) exists and sets minimum requirements of transparency on entities who receive public funds. Use it or we may well lose it. SCFOIA provides, for example, deadlines upon how fast public bodies […]

Guest Editorial: Detention Center needs more staff, better pay, return of Ms. Lawson

I am appealing to the administration and council on behalf of myself and the Fairfield County Detention Center staff. The county is about to receive the second part of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding, and I notice that none of it has been allocated to the Detention Center which is understaffed and underpaid. That […]

Guest Editorial: Inadequate staffing puts detention center employees in danger

This editorial was presented as a public comment during the July 25 Fairfield county council meeting. As a 17-year experienced detention officer and supervisor in various correction facilities in other counties, and I can assure you that I know there is power in numbers. Offenders have 24 hours a day to observe, plot and plan, […]

Letter: Pay Poll Workers

I was surprised to see the half page ad in several South Carolina newspapers the week of July 24 – 30 thanking the people of South Carolina for getting out and voting in the June elections.  I was even more surprised when I read that the Executive Director of the South Carolina Elections Commission, who […]

Letter: It’s time for a hero in Fairfield

After months in the planning, the five majority council members have dealt more misery to Fairfield County, approving an industrial area next to residential areas. Furthermore, the five cannot justify what county funds are available anymore or where the money is going. Years ago I endured the same situations in another county. It went on […]

Letter: Our County Leaders Need Fiscal Common Sense

Administration and Council obviously require full fiscal transparency to manifest optimum usage of county resources. The path to transparency starts with council ensuring county financials are produced and submitted online quarterly. These reports would include a year to date income statement, balance sheet, detailed fund balance and a comparison of the current budget accounts’ figures […]