Letter: Thanks for the Updates

At the regular council meeting on Feb. 12, Chairman Pauley invited citizens to email Clerk to Council Kim Roberts with any items they’d like included on a future agenda. I want to thank Chairman Pauley for including several of those requested items in the Feb. 26 agenda. I heard more updates on several key issues […]

Guest Editorial: Be the Best You Can Be

A few weeks ago, I got a call from one of my white brothers who wanted to share with me a story that he had read in a history book. It was a story involving former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The story goes that in 1943, Roosevelt was putting together a group of Naval officer […]

Letter: Speak Up, Council Members

After viewing the Fairfield County council meeting of Feb. 12, 2024, it appears that Chairman Pauley does not know the difference between a chairperson and a dictator. There are six other voices on the council and it’s very sad that only two were bold enough to speak up against the bully-type antics of the chairman. […]

Letter: Happy 107th Birthday to Geneva Bell

Geneva Butler Bell, of Ridgeway, will celebrate her 107th Birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024, at home with her family and friends. While Mrs. Bell is my grandmother, she is like my mother because she raised me and has always been in my heart. A native of Fairfield County, Mrs. Bell was born the fifth […]

Letter: Where’s the Light Switch?

Our county council leadership continues to deny and deflect the reality of its mounting leadership failures and unprofessional behavior. It only compounds and exacerbates the myriad problems. Sadly, that leadership buries its head even deeper into the sand with each meeting. Perhaps, the new Interim Administrator will find the light switch. Pray for him. Pray […]

Letter: Mr. Pauley has Earned This

It is becoming more and more obvious to me why Fairfield County is not moving forward. Why we still haven’t broken ground on a new wastewater treatment facility. Why we wasted $1.4 million of our taxpayer money on IRS fines.  Why we don’t have adequate emergency services. Why nearly 40% of our residents do not […]

Letter: We Need New Leadership

Let’s look at the Principals of Public Service and Ethics. In the SC Handbook for County Government, it’s on page 44 of chapter 5. “Public servants should treat their office as a public trust, only using the powers of resources of public office to advance public interests and not to attain personal benefits or pursue […]

Letter: Council Blames Citizens for its Failures

On Monday night several council members actually taunted Fairfield citizens, lamenting that the citizens are confused and misinformed and blaming them for the problems the county finds itself in. Unbelievable. If the citizens are confused and misinformed, council only has to look in the mirror to see the wellspring from which the citizens’ confusion and […]

Letter: So the Citizens are the Cancer?

Yet another county council meeting passed on Monday without any explanation of how the county, for 5 years, violated IRS rules that ultimately cost us taxpayers over $1.4 million. One member defended former interim Administrator Laura Johnson by reiterating that the IRS fines had to be paid or they could seize our assets. That is […]

Letters: IRS/Healthcare Forms Crisis Constituted an Emergency

The IRS/healthcare form reporting debacle is costing the taxpayers of Fairfield County valuable tax dollars. And no one is sure, yet, when it will end. The citizens of Fairfield County should trust that the professional employees who are paid good salaries are truly performing the duties of their jobs. Nevertheless, the start of the IRS […]

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