Letter: Fairfield Needs Penny Tax

YES, we should WANT the Penny Tax I believe we are past arguing against the economic and social reasons for improving Fairfield’s over- burdened and antiquated sewer system. Short term band aids are not going to fix our current system. We need – and should want – the lasting positive impact of the new wastewater […]

Letter: Reach Out and Support Someone

September is Suicide Prevention Month and it’s that we be there for each other and take steps to prevent suicide. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s theme for the month is to #KeepGoing, by taking simple actions to safeguard our mental health and save lives. From learning the warning signs for suicide and what to do if you […]

Letter: Councilmen respond to Ross’s Letter

Mr. Ross, Thank you for reaching out to Council to express your displeasure with Council’s decision that was made regarding the Chamber’s funding request.  It is clear that you remain vested in the town’s business and retain the same passion and drive that you displayed when you were serving as mayor.  As citizens, we thank […]

Letter: Former Mayor Enraged at Current Councilmen

 I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in your vote last night!  I just don’t get it, $5000 for the year (little over $400/month) to house the cultural groups and the chamber.  Not to mention the “Visitor Center” component! We have squandered so much more money on other things in the past, just look […]

Letter: Thanks for Your Blood

A blood drive sponsored by Fairfield High Alumni exceeded is goal. Held at the former Fairfield High School on May 29, our goal was to collect 20 pints. We are happy to say that we collected 21 pints. Lloyd Pridgeon even made a Power Red donation – a donation of two units of red blood […]

Guest Editorial: Face Masks Make the Difference

Some folks think masks are some new method of taking away our liberty.  Others feel they are unhealthy in being a basket for our germs.  And then there are those who believe wearing a mask is a political statement.  All these are hogwash. Aside from the CDC providing clear evidence that the wearing of masks […]

Letter: It’s Time to Stand Tall

“Stand tall for South Carolina. Stand tall for our Palmetto State.” My grandmother (Nelle McMaster Sprott) wrote those words and the music to this song almost 70 years ago right here in Fairfield County. I grew up singing about and loving our state because of my grandmother’s deep devotion to this place we call home. […]

Letter: Legitimize R2 Board Members

As your final board meeting as Chair approaches for the 2019-2020 school year, will you please consider administering the oath of office to Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes, so that they will finally become legitimate members of the Richland 2 School Board. It is not too late to amend the agenda for the June 30, […]

Guest Editorial- Fairfield NAACP: Take Down Monument

The Fairfield County NAACP is requesting that the Town of Winnsboro remove the confederate symbols that are erected on public land located in front of the future Fairfield Administration Building (Old Mount Zion School).  The Fairfield County NAACP and concerned citizens are not in agreement with there location of the Fairfield County Administration Building to […]

Letter: Who Brought Chipper to Airport Road?

It was recently called to my attention that someone has spread information to my constituents on Airport Road that I was in some way responsible for bringing the chipper site to Airport Road and that I voted to replace the chipper with an incinerator. Neither of those two things happened. And there is documentation in […]