Guest Editorial: Whose idea was this, anyway?

In the last week, I was surprised to see a 3-sided, electronic billboard erected at the corner of US Hwy. 321 By-Pass and Moultrie Street at the busiest intersection in Winnsboro.  Although the sign is on county property, it is within the city limits and should require their approval. After checking to see how this […]

Guest Editorial: Open government is key to honest government

When government fails, it’s the rare public official who says, “Oops. My fault.” That’s human nature, particularly for officials in the public eye who may have to run for office again. No one wants to be held directly responsible for letting the public down. But how do you get to the truth when public officials […]

Letter: Focus on the People

When will the 4 actually do something positive? Last night, during a meeting full of irrational justifications for their obvious mistakes, the standout was the Chair’s warning of a tight budget while he leads the charge to target a costly breaking of the Mt. Zion contract. It is estimated the 4’s contact canceling pursuit could […]

Letter: God Save Us!

I would like to congratulate our illustrious County Council on deciding to use only another area newspaper with a circulation of 2,500 instead of the Voice with a circulation of over 10,000. This is another brilliant move towards keeping the public informed as to their backward actions, like revisiting the Mt. Zion contract and obviously […]

Letter: Keep Mr. Taylor

This letter is to ask council to extend our County Administrator’s contract for more than five months. I have watched with pride the many positive developments occurring county-wide recently through Mr. Taylor. As more industry and manufacturing companies have come to Fairfield through Mr. Taylor and his team’s efforts, more jobs have become available, unemployment […]

Guest Editorial: You can’t have democracy without a free press

There’s a reason we need a free press. Democracy won’t work without it. The grand experiment in self-governance that is the United States is rooted in trust and confidence we all will work toward the greater good. But the nation’s founders had experience with kings and dictators and their expected benevolence — and what could […]

Letter: Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or is there some irony in the apparent fact that an illegal meeting was held to hire legal counsel? And what legal counsel would take the job without pointing out that their hiring was illegal? Ross A. Burton Winnsboro

Letter: Can You Beef Up Agendas?

For the third straight month, the Fairfield County Council failed to address any issue that has a significant impact on the health, welfare and quality of life for its citizens. This lack of forward inertia is most puzzling. The citizens of Fairfield County are keenly aware that infrastructure, jobs, small business growth, blight, recreation and […]

Letter: Shakespearean Council

Many are likening our current council meetings to a Shakespearean tragedy because they seem to contain the key elements Shakespeare employed in his tragedies… Good vs. Bad – There are always those who pretend to serve the kingdom but actually only serve themselves. A Fatal Flaw – Lack of transparency. Tragic Waste – Meetings focus […]

Editorial: ‘News deserts’ and weak ethics laws allow corruption to run rampant in SC

In a new series on corruption in South Carolina, The Post and Courier states that roughly half of all journalism jobs disappeared during the past 15 years. As community news organizations have folded or are just hanging on, “news deserts” are created where public officials operate without reporters keeping tabs, causing corruption to flourish as […]