Builders push back over tree clearing

BLYTHEWOOD – Talk about a frog strangler. As rain pelted Blythewood on Monday, stormwater gushed into the streets and onto lots in the Cobblestone Park neighborhood in Blythewood, causing several lots to flood. It’s become a common theme after any heavy rainstorm, residents say. Some homeowners think the root cause is traced to trees they […]

Town threatened over tree law

BLYTHEWOOD – Town Council held a public hearing Monday night concerning Council’s desire to amend Ordinance 155.390 (Landscaping and Buffer Requirements) by repealing section (H) which exempts certain projects from the ordinance requirements. Council and residents say section (H), which was adopted in 2015, is an unintended loophole in the ordinance that allows developers to […]

Notice of Public Hearing: Blythewood Town Council, Landscape, Buffer Yard Ordinance