Blythewood TC/PC meeting begins with dinner, ends with coffee confrontation

BLYTHEWOOD – What promised to be an informative though less than riveting review Monday evening of the purposes, responsibilities and processes of the town’s boards and commissions by Town Administrator Brian Cook, ended with a disgruntled former coffee vendor verbally holding the council and planning commission hostage for close to half an hour. The evening […]

Grace Coffee opens outside town

BLYTHEWOOD – Grace Coffee Company has moved its coffee trailer to a new location just outside of Blythewood and is open for business. Owner Matt Beyer posted a video last week inviting his former customers to find the turquoise and white trailer, which is now located at 10324 Wilson Boulevard. “We’ll be giving away free […]

Grace Coffee FB post stirs up community

BLYTHEWOOD – “The Town Government is shutting us down,” Matt Beyer, the owner of Grace Coffee posted on Facebook Thursday, Oct. 25. “Give the Mayor a call and let him know how the people of Blythewood feel about Grace Coffee,” Beyer posted along with Mayor J. Michael Ross’ personal cell phone number. “My cell phone […]

Commision endorses vendor ordinance

BLYTHEWOOD – After more than a year of handwringing over whether to allow temporary vendors in the Town Center District, the Planning Commissioners voted Monday night to recommend that Council adopt the City of Columbia’s vending ordinance, presented by Town Administrator Brian Cook, with a few tweaks. That modified ordinance, basically, allows temporary vendors and […]

Surprise! Grace Coffee complies with zoning

BLYTHEWOOD – While it may come as a surprise to the owners of brick and mortar commercial buildings in downtown Blythewood, Grace Coffee, a small turquoise and white mobile home housed on a parking lot in downtown Blythewood, is now a business in good standing and is in compliance with the necessary zoning approvals from […]