Attorney disputes JWC lawsuit against councilwoman

JENKINSVILLE – Fairfield councilwoman Bertha Goins plans to fight a defamation lawsuit filed by the Jenkinsville Water Company, an organization whose water quality she’s criticized in the past, her attorney said Tuesday. “I don’t think there’s a direct statement that would rise to the level of necessitating a lawsuit by a public entity against a […]

Fanning, McDaniel laud JWC water

WINNSBORO – The Jenkinsville Water Company’s president Greg Ginyard was awash in adulation during the company’s annual meeting last week. Ginyard announced that the company’s water had, for the second time in two years, received the “Best Tasting Water in SC award.”  This, despite facing multiple DHEC violations citing tainted water supplies. Sen. Mike Fanning […]

Brown water dogging JWC

WINNSBORO – Bertha Goins lifted a miniature plastic bottle into the air, its brown contents sloshing inside. Her message was crystal clear. “Our water was off most of the day. When it came back on, from the Jenkinsville Water Company, this is what came out of the faucet,” Goins said at the Fairfield County Council […]

DHEC finds radioactivity in Jenkinsville water

JENKINSVILLE – Contamination has been reported again in Jenkinsville water. In July, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, or (DHEC) issued a new notice of violation against the JWC, the fourth such violation in five years, and fifth since 2010, according to public records. The latest violations occurred at Well 15 on Clowney […]

JWC operating in the red

JENKINSVILLE – Recently released tax returns show the Jenkinsville Water Company (JWC) continues to operate at a financial loss. For 2017, the latest year IRS data was available, JWC reported $439,560 in revenue versus $511,097 in expenses, leaving a negative balance of $71,537, tax records show. At JWC’s annual meeting in January, the water company […]

Goins fearless of JWC threat

WINNSBORO – Bertha Goins has until Friday to apologize. That’s the day Jenkinsville Water Company lawyers set for the Fairfield County Councilwoman to apologize and retract her criticisms of Jenkinsville water quality. If she refuses, the bubbling controversy is threatening to spill into the courtroom. In a letter obtained by The Voice, attorneys for the […]

Letters: Redemption for JWC

Events surrounding the Jenkinsville Water Company clearly indicate its prudent path to redemption is to join the Fairfield Water Authority. First, it makes common sense to have a coordinated and united water authority to facilitate growth and welfare for the county. Second, JWC could use the help. Clearly, JWC has a history of troubling challenges. […]

Broken JWC line prompts ‘boil’ order

JENKINSVILLE – Jenkinsville Water Company has fixed a water line break, though how long water service remained shut off remains a little murky. Laura Renwick, spokeswoman for the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), said complaints of low water pressure began late in the day on Thursday, May 27. A break occurred the […]

Goins fights back

WINNSBORO – Bertha Goins is fighting back. A week after a Jenkinsville Water Company attorney issued a cease and desist letter and threatened to sue Goins over comments she’s made critical of water quality, she’s hired her own attorney to safeguard her First Amendment rights. Working in a private capacity, Goins’ attorney Tommy Morgan said […]

JWC attorney threatens to sue councilwoman over water criticisms

WINNSBORO – Bertha Goins is used to being in hot water with the Jenkinsville Water Company. A frequent critic of the organization, the Fairfield County Council vice-chair has called out the JWC on a variety of issues, ranging from finances to transparency. Goins has also publicly stated she thinks the JWC should be absorbed by […]