Round the Table: A Summer for Sandwiches

Summer days may be lazy, but by late afternoon, those lazy summer days usually turn chaotic. Longer days mean we pack more into each day and sports practice, summer camp and social clubs. As daylight hours become longer, the end of the day comes later, often times, when it’s time for dinner and everyone is […]

May Vokaty goes from kitchen to farm

RIDGEWAY – The Voice’s Foods Editor, May Vokaty, isn’t just a recipe wizard – she’s also an alpaca farmer. She was first smitten with the idea of owning alpacas while on vacation in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, and then spent a few years researching the logistics. Last October, she finally took the plunge and rented 2½ […]

Eggs: Deviled in an Instant (Pot)

In home kitchens, all over the world, mothers have created traditional dishes, and have passed along heirloom recipes to their daughters, daughters-in-law and granddaughters.  We cherish the food speckled recipe cards written in faded ink. We re-live the memories of cooking with Mama or Grandma. The food they served us fed our souls as well […]

Round the Table- Chopped Salads: Easier and Lighter

Legend has it that Bob Cobb, the owner of The Brown Derby in Hollywood, invented the Chopped Salad in the 1930’s.  It caught on quickly among movie executives because it was lighter than steak and easier to eat. It was easy to negotiate a deal and not have to worry about cutting a steak. It […]

Round the Table: Springing into Spring Holidays

As always, spring has returned to us complete with a kaleidoscope of flowers, chilly nights and warm days. Not to mention rivers of pollen. Spring is such a brief and busy season. The fruit trees rush to bloom and bees zoom around in a flurry to pollenate. Winter, refusing to be ignored, keeps a tight […]

‘Round the Table: Scones, This Side of the Pond

British scones and American scones are quite different.  And the debate can quickly become bitter. British scones are not as sweet and American scones usually contain more butter. British scones tend to be light fluffy and round while American’s love a triangular scone dotted with fruity add-ins.  American scones tend to be a self-contained snack, […]

Grilled Cheese: Comfort, Grown Up

Perhaps of all the comfort food, a grilled cheese sandwich is the comfiest. What other food evokes memories of childhood lunch like a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup? There is no “right way” to make a grilled cheese. A cast iron skillet is a great vehicle for creating a yummy grilled […]

Round the Table: Asparagus, the Bountiful Investment

It’s official. I’ve put down roots.  Well, asparagus crowns actually.  I developed a passion for asparagus as a child, but sadly, none of my real estate investments involved an asparagus patch1. But now, I’ve taken the plunge, invested in a few high quality asparagus crowns and improved my property. Unlike most vegetables, asparagus is a […]

Round the Table: Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings

I’ve always thought of Chicken and Dumplings as a distinctly southern dish. As it turns out, I was wrong. Apparently most of America enjoys Chicken and Dumplings, even if we don’t all agree on what Dumplings actually are. There is apparently an on-going war between Dumpling camps; there are those that love slicks (or sliders) […]

‘Round the Table: Valentine’s Treats For Little Loves

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate those we love and who lives in our hearts more than our precious little ones? Valentine’s Day gives us a special day to do special things for our littlest valentines. Creating rituals and traditions that revolve around a showing those we love just how much we love them […]

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