PC votes for council to rezone Red Gate

BLYTHEWOOD – As was expected, the Blythewood planning commission voted 5-0 Tuesday evening to recommend that Town Council rezone the Red Gate property and a smaller adjoining property from Planned Development (PD) zoning designation to Development (D-1) zoning. But the properties’ owners, who sat in the audience during the commission’s proceedings, say they are not […]

Council to decide fate of Red Gate zoning

BLYTHEWOOD – After almost 13 years of not being developed in accordance with its Planned Development (PD) zoning designation, the 143-acre property on Blythewood Road, known as Red Gate, is on the brink of being rezoned by Town Council. The Town of Blythewood code of ordinances places a time-specific condition upon the established PD zoning […]

PC begins process to rezone Red Gate

BLYTHEWOOD – The Blythewood Planning Commission has begun the process to rezone a 143-acre undeveloped site across the interstate from downtown after developers failed to initiate construction of a planned mixed-use development. The large wooded site, which is known as Red Gate Farms, sits on Blythewood Road between Syrup Mill and Muller Roads. It lies […]

Council sends Red Gate back to PC

BLYTHEWOOD – Approximately 60 residents filled the Blythewood Town Council chambers Monday night in Doko Manor to protest myriad aspects of a proposed rezoning of 143 acres, referred to as the Red Gate property, located along Blythewood Road between Syrup Mill and Muller Roads. The property lies across Syrup Mill Road from Cobblestone Park and […]

Red Gate developer moves forward

BLYTHEWOOD – The Blythewood Planning Commission is expecting to see major amendments next month to a proposed development plan for two parcels on Blythewood Road (between Syrup Mill Road and Muller Road) that are facing a rezoning by the Commission that their developer and owner do not want. The Red Gate properties are presently zoned […]

Lawsuit Aims New Accusations at Council’s Garrison

Town Hall: Meeting Recordings Destroyed in Computer Crash South Capital Group, Inc., has amended accusations it made in a $10 million lawsuit it filed on Dec. 19, 2011 against the Town of Blythewood, Town Councilman Ed Garrison and Crescent Hills and/or Crescent Partners, two companies the suit alleges were formed by Garrison. The original complaint […]