‘Round the Table: Healthy Options for Hearty Foods

Who doesn’t love granola bars, quick breads and muffins? But sadly, these “health foods” are often loaded with simple carbs, unhealthy fats and too much sugar. This collection of granola bars, quick breads and muffins relies on healthy ingredients such as whole wheat flour, fruits puree and nuts. Best of all, these recipes make it […]

‘Round the Table: Purple Foods: Trendy and Healthy

The Pantone Color Institute is… well, honestly, I’m not entirely sure what it is. On their website, the Institute explains that “the Pantone Institute helps people and companies make the most informed decisions about color for their brands or products. Whether it is color trend forecasting, brand color development, custom color solutions or product palette […]

Round the Table: O, Those Dirty, Delicious Leeks!

Garlic, onions, shallots and leeks are all cousins in the great allium family.  Each has their own distinctive characteristic and flavor profile. Garlic and onions are like those cousins you see every weekend at grandmother’s house, but shallots and leeks are those distant cousins that only appear once or twice a year and seem exotic […]

Round the Table: Vinaigrette DIYs for any salad

Making your own salad dressing is one of life’s simpler pleasures and unlike most of those simple pleasures, it’s quite easy. Basic vinaigrette dressings are not an exact science and don’t require any fancy gadgets or ingredients. Measurements can be inexact or tweaked to your personal taste; nothing is set in stone. After the New […]

‘Round the Table: Solutions for Your Resolutions

It’s a brand new year! Have you made any of those pesky resolutions? Did you promise yourself you would “eat better” or “lose weight?” I know I did. Once again, I’ve promised myself that I would lose those extra pounds and once and for all kick that nasty sugar habit. Of course the New Year […]

‘Round the Table: Brunch to Bring in the New Year

Some of us know that the first morning of the new year is not our finest hour. We may have over-indulged, over-imbibed and in general over-done it. Or perhaps, the end of the year finds you tucked away in bed with a good book and a cup of cocoa. Whatever your camp, I think we […]

‘Round the Table: Comfort Foods for the Holidays

Cornbread, sweet potatoes and greens are sure to appear on our holiday tables in one form or another, and with good reason. These are the foods of our culture and our history. These are the foods that comfort our souls and reflect our roots.  These are the foods that speak to the resiliency that we […]

‘Round the Table: Homemade gifts from the Heart

There are many reasons to gift from the kitchen this Christmas. Homemade gifts are always more personal and appreciated, after all you are giving a little piece of your heart. Gifts from the kitchen are creative and inexpensive and can be so thoughtful. Everyone appreciates a homemade gift. Be on the lookout for food safe […]

‘Round the Table: ‘Tis the Season for Cookies and Friends

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us; from shopping for gifts, decorating the tree and scheduling holiday parties, you totally deserve a cookie break, not to mention a pat on the back. But I know that spending all your time in the kitchen whipping up batch after batch of Christmas cookies is […]

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