Smart meter installation complete for Blythewood, now coming to Winnsboro

BLYTHEWOOD – Blythewood’s Winnsboro water customers should soon have few complaints about their water bills and low water pressure. Their meter readers have now been replaced with 1,600 smart (electronic) meters which should make billing consistent beginning with the next water bill…or at least the one after. And because Winnsboro no longer purchases Columbia water, […]

County responds to Town’s solid waste fee lawsuit

WINNSBORO – Fairfield County denies that its $63 per ton solid waste fee double-bills Winnsboro town residents who also pay county property taxes to dump their trash, according to new court filings. A year ago, the county expanded the fee to include the Town of Winnsboro and Fairfield County School District. Winnsboro challenged that decision, […]

Town of Winnsboro files lawsuit against County over solid waste fee

WINNSBORO – Winnsboro is taking Fairfield County to court. On March 30, the Town of Winnsboro formally filed suit against the county, claiming in court papers that the county’s solid waste fee shouldn’t apply to Winnsboro town residents. The suit seeks a declaratory judgment that the $63 per ton fee is “invalid and illegal”, according […]

Whitaker threatens to stop accepting Town’s waste

Taylor: Town Prepared To Go To Court WINNSBORO – During county council’s meeting Monday night, County Administrator Malik Whitaker doubled down on the county’s position that the Town of Winnsboro owes over $60,000 in unpaid solid waste fees. In a letter to Winnsboro Town Manager Jason Taylor, dated Nov. 15, 2021, Whitaker wrote, “For the […]

Employment: Truck Driver/Laborer

Employment: Public Safety Officer

Taylor and his team going after town’s potential

WINNSBORO – The Town of Winnsboro has made progress on several projects and initiatives this past year that will enable the town to provide more efficient utility services, reduce blight and develop more downtown businesses, says Town Manager Jason Taylor. “I think we have great potential if we do what it takes to realize that […]

Winnsboro begins Blythewood metering installations

WINNSBORO – The Town of Winnsboro is planning to begin installation of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system in Cobblestone Park on Monday, Nov 29. The system is from Raleigh-based Sensus. “This innovative system will replace monthly manual meter reads with a wireless system that collects multiple remote reads per day, allowing for better leak […]

Public Notice for Bid Proposal: Floor Replacement

Winnsboro annexes 10 more properties

McMeekin: Bringing More People In Will Lower Utility Rates WINNSBORO – Winnsboro Town Council voted unanimously Monday night to approve 10 properties for annexation into the town, bringing the total annexations to 16 since Oct. 5. Three more were on the agenda Monday night for first reading, and as many as 30 are waiting in […]