Your Time is Up

I won’t be the first time, and certainly not the last time, to ask for our Fairfield County Council Chairman to
resign. He is simply out of control.

How dare you, Mr. Chairman, raise your voice with intolerance when people applauded the comments of an outraged citizen. The Chairman states that he will have those people removed from the meeting.

When our State Senator was at the podium and ran slightly over the 3 minute limit, again, the Chairman rudely expressed his displeasure and advise the Senator, ‘Your time is up.’

Well, Mr. Chairman, so is yours! You are an embarrassment to the people of this county. Your outright disrespect to the citizenry of Fairfield and your fellow board members was obvious to all in attendance.
It’s time for you to resign.

Jeff Schaffer



  1. Marion Smith says

    You are so right. This taking of funds has been going on for years. Jail or pay back

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