Think Local

I have been a resident here in Winnsboro for six years, returning to South Carolina after living elsewhere for many years. I love this town and its people. I tell people that this is the friendliest town I have ever seen. However, I do notice a few things.

First, people seem to want Winnsboro to redevelop, to have nice restaurants, and things to do, but do not quite know how to make it happen. There are splinter groups here and there, but not much organization to move past go. There are always those who are negative, “it will never happen; we tried that before” types, too. Also, many want development to happen, but “let others do it.”

Second, for those who are putting in a vast amount of energy, our retailers, we citizens barely pay them homage enough to sustain their businesses. I do shop at these places, eat at the restaurants and visit to say “hello.” I am usually the only one in there, maybe one other person.

The 145 Club, Hoots, the gift shops and antique shops have been popular places to listen to great music, to eat, to shop and to visit with family, neighbors, all friends. Few went to the past many opportunities that Elfie provided. We go a few times to any of these places, then back to Columbia.

These businesses come and go, and we say, “Well, Winnsboro can’t do better.” We MUST support our local retailers. Our part in this redevelopment is to just shop here when we need something. Tell the store owner the kinds of things you might like to have them provide. At least shop in our stores first, before driving to Columbia. Please give our stores a chance.

Sarah K. Bryant



  1. Billy Smith says

    Great letter, Mrs. Bryant; and true indeed! I think Winnsboro and Fairfield County both could progress in this manner with an improved educational system, lower tax rates and possibly the incentivization of small businesses as well. A decreased tax rate would be an incentive in itself! Thanks for sending in your productive letter!

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