Called by Name

I have attended Fairfield County Council meetings consistently for the past 18 months. I have had to refrain from telling the facts, leave before becoming visibly upset, or saying something that I would perhaps regret. I have only addressed County Council once, and it was in a peaceful way. During Council’s Sept. 8 meeting, Councilwoman Mary Lynn Kinley called my name from her seat and accused me of an act I did not commit. Kinley was extolling the virtues of our former County Administrator Phillip Hinely, stating “He was the nicest and best County Administrator we have worked for.” I was disgusted and got up to walk out, which is perfectly permissible. Councilwoman Kinley addressed me by name, and as I turned to address her, Chairman David Ferguson had me escorted out of the chambers by a deputy! Although I wasn’t surprised by Chairman Ferguson’s gestapo tactics, I did find it interesting that Councilwoman Kinley, who has been on council for 18 years, did not even know that Mr. Hinely worked for her, she did not work for him!

I was not, however, Ms. Kinley’s sole target. She was clearly on a mission to set straight all the citizens who attended last Monday night’s Council meeting. Councilwoman Kinley stated that “Some of you have gotten up and said you’ve lost a lot of respect for the Council members. Well, guess what? I’ve lost a lot of respect for you!”

I was also amused when one speaker stated that Hilton Head homeowners pay less taxes than Fairfield County homeowners and Chairman Ferguson openly disputed that fact. FYI Chairman Ferguson, a home assessed in Fairfield for $100,000 (primary) will pay $732.40 vs. a $100,000 (primary) residence in Hilton Head with a tax bill of $225.20. You may want to research and do the math at

Wanda Carnes



  1. Mark Polk says

    Then resign your seat, Ms. Kinley, and let’s get someone on Council who will put the County residents above their own self-interests.

  2. Mark Polk says

    Ms. Kinley, please resign. You have lost your effectiveness as well as your credibility. And a lot of people have lost respect for you as well.

  3. Mark Polk says

    If you have lost respect for your constituents, Ms. Kinley, then please do the honorable thing and resign so we may put someone in place who will put the County’s best interests first instead of their own.

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