Open Letter to the Chairman

What type of leader do you propose to be when you sit idly by and permit one of your Council members to grin, snicker and come close to laughing at Mr. Walter Larry Stewart? Speaking at last Monday’s County Council meeting, Mr. Stewart, while at the podium, was openly disrespected in front of the citizens and one Council member clearly should have been admonished for this behavior.

Mr. Walter Larry Stewart, for those who are unaware, is a longtime resident of Fairfield County, growing up in Mitford, Councilman Mikel Trapp’s District. That having been said, let me add Mr. Stewart is also a 22 year Army veteran who served not only two tours of duty in Vietnam, but also served in Korea and Panama. Mr. Stewart retired after 22 years not only with the permanent rank of Lt. Colonel, a Bronze Star medal, the Combat’s Infantryman’s Badge, a tour of duty in the Pentagon, but other accolades as well.

Mr. Stewart also holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Management, is the founder and CEO of his own company of 22 years and is a well respected member of his community.

So again, Mr. Ferguson, how do you sit by and let a gentleman of this stature and these lifetime accomplishments, a man not one of this Council could hold a candle to, and let him be disrespected in your Chambers?

It was a true embarrassment to sit in the same room with the eight of you sitting up there permitting this type of behavior. It continues to be confirmed over and over, Fairfield County can do better, elect a new county council!

Looking forward to change in November,

Pat Williams



  1. Beachgirl says

    Because he only cares about himself.

  2. Mark Polk says

    Someone once said politicians and dirty diapers should be changed regularly and often for the same reason. Please vote Nov. 4.

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