Dear Chairman, Part 3

Dear Chairman Ferguson:

As a candidate running for re-election to the Fairfield County Council, it is imperative that the citizens hear your voice. For quite some time now, in the meetings I have attended, both council and committee meetings, more often than not, you refer to County Administrator, Mr. Pope, to explain to the audience either a situation, referendum, bond issues and the like, rather than addressing these issues yourself.

We, the citizens, want to know and be confident that not only you, but each member of our County Council is aware of, and understands the complicated issues, ordinances, resolutions and most important the bonds that you along with the other six Council members have forced upon us and the future of Fairfield County.

That having been said, if you or anyone of the other County Council members do not fully comprehend the drastic importance of these issues and the significant consequences your questionable decisions are having on each taxpayer, and especially our County’s future, than it is time to step away.

As for your holding the office of Chairman, this implies more than a title, calling a meeting to order, referring questions and explanations to Mr. Pope, taking advantage of photo ops, reprimanding citizens for trying to ask questions, allowing your own council members to rant on and on about unrelated subject matter with no time limits, yet shackling citizens with the ever present 3 minute limit. And then of course, you do adjourn the meeting.

Inasmuch as you have been elected to be Chairman and have been so for many years now, and inasmuch as the Council members voted that the Council Chair and Vice Chair should receive a higher salary than Council members, it would stand to reason the Chairman would, in fact, have more profound duties than just the one mentioned above.

In conclusion, Mr. Ferguson, please let the taxpayers of Fairfield County – the same taxpayers who pay you that increased salary without having had a voice in that decision – let them hear your voice on issues, let them determine if you do, in fact, know, understand and care about what is happening in Fairfield County. This is only fair to all of us, but especially the voters in District 5, who will decided if you deserve to represent them for four more years.

Let us hear your voice answering our questions, explaining important matters facing this County, the details, the pros and the cons of possible paths to take, and solutions. It is then, and only then, the voters can have confidence in a man who wants their vote and to hold onto office for four more years.

Pat Williams



  1. Pat Williams says

    CORRECTION, my error, Mr. Ferguson is running in District 5.

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