Incumbents Must Go

On Nov. 4 “We the people . . .” of Fairfield County will have the opportunity to show County Council incumbents our disapproval of their taking our County in the wrong direction. We have challenger candidates who are competent, well-informed, qualified individuals with the ability to make good decisions for the future of all citizens. We need to replace our present leadership, who make costly decisions, squandering millions of taxpayers’ money, because of their flawed and irresponsible judgment that moves us backward.

The Chairman told The Voice, “I am not a mathematician . . .” yet he voted to strangle the life out of this county with a complicated maze of debt with incomprehensible numbers and tricky clauses that not even a Philadelphia lawyer, much less our self-admitted mathematically-challenged chairman, could interpret. Council always seems to be in the business of borrowing money for their pet projects, but somehow their first priority always seems to be finding enough taxpayer money to line their own pockets, while at the same time piously and sanctimoniously claiming that they are helping the poor and needy. This County Council needs to go!

We need change. All citizens in districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 must get out to vote and take others with you. There will be no run-off. Only one vote can win this election! That one vote could be yours!

Beth Jenkins



  1. Beachgirl says

    Well said.

  2. Norm_Nav says

    Clearly, Fairfield County citizens have a choice to make, it ought to be a simple choice, more of the same wasteful arrogant attitude towards the citizens or a change of direction to move Fairfield County Forward. I pray the folks in Fairfield take advantage of this election to clean house.

  3. Mark Polk says

    So sad that with the way districts are set up, incumbents win with only 150 or so votes because the voters in that district choose not to show up at the polls.

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