Spend Smarter

I respectfully object to Fairfield County Council’s view that we must reduce services in order to reduce our high property taxes. Our county squanders millions of dollars (i.e. Drawdy Park, FFC, LOST monies and exorbitant Council pay) every year due to its inability to run an effective and efficient government. In fact, a well-run county would lower taxes and increase services. Many governments, businesses, charities and other non-government organizations strive every day to become more effective by being more efficient. The getting-more-with-less mantra is raising the quality of life everywhere but Fairfield, yet our Council swims against the tide of reason and deludes itself into believing our taxes are not high and our serviced are good.

Fairfield County is one of the state’s leading per capita spenders but falls towards the bottom in third-party rated services. The County’s spend-more-but-get-less realities are direct manifestations of the incumbent Council candidates’ failure to grasp the need to run an effective government. The “no can do” attitude of our sitting Council members has held this county back for too long.

Indeed, an attitude change is sorely needed in our Council team.

After listening to the recent campaign speeches I am convinced the required attitude change can only come from outside the current Council team. The incumbents seem married to the idea that government efficiency improvements are beyond their capabilities (they may be right). There is, however, good reason to believe most of the Fairfield Council challengers seem to grasp the need to break the cycle of high taxes, wasteful spending and below par services. Let’s give these challengers our support to build an effective and efficient government that delivers better services and lower spending!

Here are some common sense suggestions to save money and improve services:

• Prioritize and stay focused on 1 long term strategic plan. Council currently has 2 long term plans on its website and has outsourced for yet another plan. We are like a rudderless ship lost at sea in search of direction.

• Hold vendors accountable for performance. Overlooking the allegations of paying for bogus drawings sets a dangerous precedent.

• Require bids on all contracts and expenses over $10,000 including legal, consulting and auditing. Good old boy contracts are not good for anybody but the good old boys.

• Do not borrow money unless referendum approved. It is embarrassing this suggestion has to be included.

Randy Bright



  1. Mark Polk says

    Hopefully, citizens will vote this November in numbers similar or even greater than the Sheriff’s race. We need new faces and especially new ideas on the County Council and the only way for that to happen is to vote. Incumbents will win if the turnout is small.

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