Rhetoric is Fun; Results Matter

Each election cycle some candidate seems to always clamor for change and, if elected, he promises to change Columbia, or where ever. This change agent also always claims to be an outsider and his lack of experience in the system is touted as a great attribute. It seems politics is the only job in which a lack of experience is lauded as a positive. However, I have never heard of anyone in need of a plumber who hired the guy who says he has never fixed a water pipe. Rhetoric is fun to listen to and it excites folks, but results are what matter.

During the drought just a little while back, the Winnsboro Reservoir was becoming dangerously low. There was serious and legitimate concerns about running out of water. Solutions were tossed about, but the only real viable option was to get water from the City of Columbia. Only the City of Columbia did not want to negotiate with us and refused to supply water.

Creighton Coleman used his experience and know-how to get the City of Columbia to the negotiating table. Because of Creighton Coleman an agreement was reached and we got the water we needed. This is only one example of what Creighton Coleman has done for the people of Fairfield, Chester and York counties as our State Senator. There are too many others to mention in this space.

Talk about change is always just that: Talk. Being an outsider will not bring parties together to make things happen.  It is experience that matters and results that count. Creighton Coleman has that experience and his results prove his dedication to our district.

On Tuesday, June 28, I am voting for experience and results. I am voting for Creighton Coleman and I hope you will too.


William Frick



  1. Pat Williams says

    Right on point, Mr. Frick

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